Ayurvedic Holistic Healing & Empowerment Coaching

Are you ready to take charge

of your life?



I work with those who dare. To dream. To feel the dream. And to take inspired action on that vision, which arose from a deep inner knowing of that what you desire is possible, and manifest it into reality. 
This is for the soulful leaders and givers by heart, the earth warriors and creatresses ready to step up and into their power (which may have been lying dormant not yet brought into its full authentic expression) and elevate, to give and live from the place of their hearts and in alignment with their souls.

If you are truly ready to next step into holistic expansion into your highest version and align your life to attract in the higher frequencies of abundance, joy, flow and ease - watch the video below.

 Working with me              
             is for you, if ...  

​» you are over-busy but under-productive

​» you feel like you are working hard but for no return

» you feel out of sync with your body and who you really are

» you want to make positive changes in your lifestyle, diet & mindset

» you are constantly feeling stressed, restless or like you're not doing enough

» your feel like you have hit a plateau in your life, running into the same walls

» you want to become your own healer and become confident from within

» you  know you need to up your self-care game to really thrive

» you have hormone imbalances and mood swings

» you experience disordered eating

» you are dealing with mental imbalances

» you yearn for more meaningful relationships in your life

» you experience the same symptoms and ailments over and over, no matter what

» you want to consciously connect, lean into and feel turned on by life

» you suffer from chronic tension or tightness in body or mind

» you simply want to transform your health and well-being

» you know your unlimited potential but can't access it 

» you want to feel flow & ease as your 'normal' 

» you constantly feel exhausted, fatigued, low in energy

» you want to improve your sleep and relationship with food

» you are ready to upgrade, work towards your goals & succeed

» you are done with self-sabotage and know that there is more to life

» you want to strengthen your intuition and live guided by your inner knowing

» you want to live more in tune with nature and your own natural rhythms

» you want to find empowerment, confidence and contentment

» you want to become your own healer and guidance

» You know that THERE IS MORE FOR YOU.

» you are ready to have it all, because you are worth it, god damn it!



In a 30 min compatibility & discovery session we will check in with your current state of balance and holistic health history and get clear on your goals and intentions while seeing if we are a good fit and which package would best meet your needs. Apply via the intake form by clicking the 'apply for working 1:1 with me' button.

Are you looking for more?

  More joy, more ease, more empowerment, more happiness, more   "feeling goood", more success, more sense of Self, more freedom, more    purpose, abundance, more thriving & flow?  

  You are in the right place here.   ..

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Personalized 1:1 Holistic Health Coaching & Mentoring Programs


over 3, 6 or 12 months,

according to your desires & needs.

all available online via Zoom video conferencing or in person.
Programs inclusive of eCourse material with

2 year access. 

Via application only to ensure we are the right energetic match.

L E A R N   M  O R E

  • detailed program options & what's included here

  • FAQs about investing in your health & expansion here

  • how I work - here

    Or simply explore the rest of this page.


Here is to full alignment. To embodying your true power. To manifesting your dreams. To accessing your full potential.
Here is to upgrading your life to your new normal, in all areas.

Here is to Expansion.

Get deep on your way to flow and true alignment. Let's get down and feel into what you really want. Why you want it? How do you want to see yourself not with the next new year's, but always? 
Healthy & Strong? Confident from within? Kicking your goals? Nourishing yourself holistically? Less stressed, more empowered? Doing less but thriving MORE? Being successful and radiant? Feeling the best in your skin you have ever felt? Feeling balanced in your body and mind and at peace? Have those chronic symptoms and issues be a faint memory of the past?  Being in love with yourself and living up to your worth? If your answer to any of these questions is "yes". - THIS might be IT, sister!  Let's invite some ancient functional medicine and soul wisdom into your life, reconnecting you back to YOU and upgrade your daily life to daily thrive!

Learn more below about how my work may be just what YOU need to start expanding your life and upgrading your life to that high frequency, accessing your greatest potential.

Are you already committed and ready to upgrade your life holistically?Apply for working with me privately one-on-one via the intake form and, if successful aka if we are a vibrational match, we will book a free discovery and compatibility call with me where we get clear on your goal, visions, and current state of health and see what magic we can create together! 


  Working with me is not for everyone... 

Working with me is about transformation, not information. My biggest intention is for you to become your own guru and my greatest joy lays in witnessing people come out of their shell and truly and holistically empower themselves.

This is about meeting yourself where you are at and taking consistent action on what we work through. No mud, no lotus - to really thrive requires work and that work is not always pretty nor comfortable. Real growth happens outside of our comfort zones and does not come without growing pains.

Upgrading your health, happiness, success and thrive level holistically requires you to seriously commit to yourself, not just in word but in deed. You are required to show up for you.

So, no harsh feelings, but for the sake of saving us wasting both our energy and your money,

this is really just for people, who:

+ are self-motivated and know what they want (upgrade to thrive!)

+ are self-reliant and know that there are no results without doing the work

+ are teachable, open-minded and -hearted to possibility and new concepts

+ go-getters: people who are committed to taking action

and showing up for themselves consistently 

+ are committed to taking inspired action

if the above speaks to you and sounds exactly like what you need - then fil out
the questionnaire via the button below and let's chat about how we can best work together!

...to answer some FAQs...

 First things first ...  What is a Holistic Healing &           

          Empowerment Coach?                     

You know all those good things you "should" be doing? What your doctor or nutritionist might tell you to do or the feeling you get a temporary taste of in a Yoga class thinking "I wish I could feel like this every day" (And you can!)? An integrative nutrition health coach helps you to practically take action on creating a positive change in your holistic aka all-round well-being, to break down all these things that lead to better health and happiness into for you digestible bits and realistic doable steps for you to not just know what would be healthy (thanks google) but to actually DO it and actively transform your LIFE, thriving as your highest self. 


"Information can be found on the internet

and anywhere you look for free and without effort.

But transformation is when we take action on that knowledge, explore it practically, live it, embody it, harness it.

Knowledge is power only when we use it. And that's where

the real magic starts and expands from your inside out."


- Lena Kaliyah


As a holistic health coach & Ayurvedic counselor with background as a yoga teacher/therapist, Reiki master and somatic body worker, I am extremely passionate about inspiring natural living, self-healing and empowerment through lifestyle, food choices and mindset that are right for us individually in order to live our full potential and really thrive.
My mission is to help people like you see and light that inner flame, and reconnect to your innate wisdom and knowing within, to live from a place of self-empowerment and authenticity.

My life purpose is to reawaken individuals, and us as the human collective, to the power, magic and sacredness of nature that resides within us, for it is not only our potential but our birthright to live in flow, harmony and abundance with ourselves, each other and our environment.  

Some of my clients call me their "fine-tuner".


You know when you already feel like you are doing all the "right" things

but still don't see your results or you feel a bit stuck in the rut,

going through that same circle over and over

and can't figure out what's actually behind it?

That's where I come in - helping people find that missing piece of their puzzle

to finally realize and access their fullest potential, in all areas of life. 





















 Why my work leads to Success & Empowerment 

 in personal and professional life. 


Everything starts and ends with our health.

Can you find absolute joy and fulfillment without your health? No.

Can you be successful without your health? To a degree.

But can you access your fullest potential and be your most empowered and highest evolvement

without your health? Definitely not.


What does that have to do with business and success? Let me explain. 


Spirituality and success go together way more than people realize. I

n fact, spirituality is the greatest catalyst for success. Huh? 

You can call 'spirituality' your 'self-' or 'personal development' and success can be your professional career and business ambition but really success is a lot broader than that and its perception is unique to each individual. "Success in life" may mean feeling joy and beautiful every. day. for one person and climbing the ladder of their dream career they are truly (!) passionate about for another.

However success looks like for you - it needs to be in your true alignment.


Your body is your vessel. Your temple.

It is the altar, not the sacrifice.

How I tackle this self-development with clients in my work is very holistic.

Success, if personal or professional, starts with holistically looking after your health. Think detox and purification. We are a spiritual being incarnated into a physical body, in a physical world yet connected to a universal energy, consciousness and a greater source.


The more in alignment we are with our true or highest self, the more in alignment we are with the universal energy and when that happens, our tap is ON. This is where we actually access our greatest potential, consciously or unconsciously make the right choices that bring us forward, make us succeed, consciously create, manifest our dreams, come up with these brilliant ideas that will ultimately make us achieve our biggest goals. But to get there we have to do the work and this work is purification.

Your body is your vessel and the more you look after it,

the deeper down the path of fulfillment, harmony and success it will lead you. 


Imagine, how much it would amplify your mind and its focus, creativity, logic and clarity

if your physical body was cleansed, thriving?

Imagine, how clear you could see and how confident you could make the right decisions

if your emotions are balanced and you're in control of you state?


The more we purify our physical bodies,

the more we purify our minds,

the more we purify our emotions,

the more we are living in alignment

and the more of our own potential we can access

to be our most thriving and successful selves



For more elaboration on the depth of the meaning of "holistic health" and why your health is your

foundation of personal development & success coaching, listen to the live video recording below.




holistic health coach
holistic health coaching


"...You are a fine-tuner!! You help people look at their lives holistically, finding the gaps and missing pieces that are holding them back from feeling their absolute best and help them cultivate what's needed to really thrive!! Thanks for doing this for me, for always finding something positive and uplifting when I came down on my self, yet always gently and yet firmly guiding me to really upper my game! I would have never come to where I am when I did without you as my coach!!xx" - Kristie B.

holistic helath mentoring

           Expansion, Succes, Healing and Empowerment        
  is the result of positive synergy of  
  Body, Mind and Emotions  

  that purifies your soul.  


Holistic health is the recognition of the correlation of body, mind and soul/emotions or the connection between physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Feeling like an 'ancient soul in a modern body' in my intuitive approach of working with clients, I combine the ancient Eastern wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga and other lineageas modalities with Western science. In my personal and professional life, I operate from an equilibrium of knowledge and inner wisdom/intuition.  I am an investigator as much as I am an intuitive and earth medicine woman and hence my work, teachings and life are a transmission of the my own essence and channeled wisdom and the many modalities and branches which I studied, including Hermeticism, Ayurveda & ayurvedic psychology, holistic health, Eastern and Western philosophy, energy and personal healing, shamanism, somatic bodywork, esoterics, integrative nutrition, Reiki, theta healing, Eastern and Western mysticism and the yoga traditions.


A core principle our work is based on is bio-individuality, meaning that each individual has their own unique requirements to really thrive.

In my work, I focus on helping individuals to feel their best through food & nutrition coaching and lifestyle adjustments while also giving them the “holistic tools” they need to empower themselves and upgrade their health and happiness in all areas of their lives, which includes spiritual practice and enhancement for personal development in accordance with your bio-indivduality

 The question is not if  we have limitless potential

 but how we can start to access it.  

And stress, disconnection & going against our own flow, cycles, body and needs puts an unnecessary block between ourselves and our ability to access our uncapped (and often yet untapped) potential.
With stress & disconnection being the number one root cause of many chronic diseases and mental and emotional imbalances and me having fought my own battles with the consequences of mental and emotional abuse and dis-ease, areas I passionately specialize in are stress release and mental & emotional balance, to self-empowerment and breaking through past conditioning and trauma, all enhancing our quality of life and receptivity for abundance, flow, joy, and harmony.

While being a mentor, coach and friend, I want to show people that anything is possible with their own belief, willpower and commitment, that we can create the life we want to live not despite what we have experienced or gone through but because of it and that we all have a light to shine into the world and not just for ourselves but for future generations.

Not sure if this is the right fit for you and what you are working on?

  Take the Quiz Below  

What if...


... you could go from ...

feeling flustered and scattered to a calm and grounded

from stress to peace and flow,

from fatigue and tiredness to abundant energy,

from burnout to calm and vibrancy,

from aches and pains to ease & pleasure, 

from being amidst the storm

to becoming its eye

and worshipping the temple that is your body
and the goddess that is inside of you.

From anxious to grounded, 

from sluggishness to feeling good

and radiating health and happiness 

from the inside out.

From the rat race against yourself

to elevating your mind and body,

to balanced emotions

and living in sync with your cycles

your nature,

attuned to your desires and needs.

from diffusion to empowerment and guidance

from within you,

trusting your deep innate wisdom

to shine you the way for you to follow

with ease, grace and flow.

from reacting to responding,

in a graceful dance of vibrations' push-and-pull

from attachment to letting go.

from judgment to tolerance and compassion,

from surviving to thriving,

from average to greatness,

lack to abundance,

from chasing the future to being in the present,

with a heart cracked wide open

and lungs devouring the flowing force of aliveness.



from more is less to less is more,

from shallow chasing and meaningless encounters,

to meaningful and deep Soul connections

with yourself, others and the world.

from filling voids to nourishment

and to-do lists to feeling joy,

to taking ourselves less serious,

laugh more, live more


from wasting time to quality time

and special moments every day

From life-in-a-box to magic,

from fading to creation.

From keeping on to living your best life

from self-consciousness to empowerment

and confidence from the inside out,

from healing to feeling your best

from pre-occupation and running,

to inviting the sacred, the mystical, the warmth for your soul

back into your daily life.

and leading as your highest self, every day.

Authentic, aligned, embodied.
Radiating from the inside out. 

This can be you. Everyday. 


"I first came across Lena Kermode on social media. She appeared to be consistently coming through with knowledge and insights that struck a chord with me. What I also loved, was that Lena was also living her own life in alignment with what she was teaching. Walking the talk. I loved her energy, positivity and approach to life. I wondered if I could access the joy she seemed to emanate, for me. Could I live a more conscious, intentional life?


At the time, I was feeling stuck and very unsure of my next step. I was a couch potato, stay at home mum, that had no real passion for life. I watched a webinar with Lena and I knew immediately that I had to work with her. So, we started to work together 1 on 1. I won’t lie… It was the largest amount of money I have ever “invested” in myself. Scary, but I had a feeling it was the right thing to do…. And it was.


From the start I could tell this was going to be an amazing experience. Lena is very thorough in gathering information that she needs. We set goals and I got to work, at my own pace, via her modules that she has so lovingly created. I loved the whole Ayurvedic philosophy and Lena knows her stuff! 


Our live Zoom calls were always relaxed and she kept notes to track my progress. I felt I was held accountable for the work I was putting in, but never did it feel like a controlling boot camp. Rather it was more like being held by a loving friend. Lena’s knowledge is second to none – so vast. 


So I have gone from a flat, lifeless, stationary person, to someone who has a spring in her step. I move. I nourish myself. I hydrate. I sleep more soundly. I have a morning practice to help me deal with stress and I have clarity of thoughts. I feel amazing! I am now excited to be part of the Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse Community with Lena. So very energizing and clearing!


If you’re considering working with Lena; I say: GO FOR IT. You won’t regret it. Your life will change for the better.

- Carla Jones, after our one-on-one work together over 6 months

holistic health sessions
holistic health program

    So, what does health coaching look like?    


"You can eat all the kale and organic foods in the world,

but if you are still stuck in a toxic relationship, a job you hate

or any of the other pieces of your life aren't in place,

you simply won't live to your fullest potential and thrive."

- Lena K




Our health, happiness and thrive factor is determined by how we live. I like to say "we are what we absorb" - and this is not only our food, but also all information we take in, the situations and behaviours that condition us and shape our believes, some of which may have not been our own and limit us from living to our fullest potential. If we are lacking in one area of our life, it will impact another and lower the frequency we operate on in daily life. I am here to assist YOU with your personal body-mind-spirit transformation raising your frequency and setting yourself free to create MORE in life and thrive!


Practically, throughout our coaching program we will be working through the areas of:

- nutrition and food,

- time management & success habits

- realistic goal setting and achieving 

- holistic detox & purification

- lifestyle, ritual and self care,

- relationships and conscious connection

- career, money, finances & education

- movement and physical exercise

- spirituality and Dharma (purpose)

- mindset and self development

- limiting beliefs, shadow work

- selfcare and spirituality

- finding flow by syncing with your circadian rhythms

& unique makeup 

- mental & emotional health and repatterning

- success and conscious living 

- stress management & work-lifestyle balance

- an Ayurvedic approach to life

+ more 

You will also receive access to a 12 module complementary eProgram with content in different formats (audio, presentations, quizzes, meditations, handouts, journaling and task sheets, etc.) on the above topics and more.

This way we can dive right into working on your transformation, rather than just chewing through more information in our one-on-one session.  You can find details on program modules below.

"Rewire your mind,

empower your Spirit,

transform your health

and thrive in life!"

- Lena K

 Check out the Video below to see what my 1:1 work for you looks like: 

{The below video is a little older but still provides you a good little insight into my work & the next steps to take.}

Shadow on Concrete Wall


"Whilst every class I took at Flourish Yoga Festival was amazing, there were two workshops that blew me away. Lena Kaliyah from Earth Medicine Co. ran workshops dealing with stress management & basic Ayurvedic living. I was really stirred by these workshops and can see the way it can change my life. I intend to work with Lena in a few areas of my life, particularly nutrition and stress management. One thing I do love is she has a balanced outlook and discusses western and eastern medicine. I was absolutely hanging on Lena’s every word - she is so knowledgeable about Ayurvedic living and I am looking forward to working with her soon..... thank you again [...] I feel very lucky to have met her." - Jill B

For a bit more in-depth on how I work, check out my little, also a little older, video-rant below.

Keep scrolling for more info on my

1:1 Coaching Program Options


"My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were to improve my energy levels, as I always feel tired and motivation can be hard to find; to find more emotional balance (reduce my mood swings, depression, anxiety, etc.) and to find a little of me again (by unsticking some of the stuckness left from trauma).

Lena was able to help me work toward these goals by guiding me through finding healthy new techniques to add to my “Holistic Healing Toolbox”, to help me find my flow and keep it. I found it easy to be open with Lena, to both share gritty issues and a laugh, as she always listened with compassion and empathy.
The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I have been sleeping better (my sleep quality has been horrible for the last few years.) So much so I have more energy in the mornings again! So many little changes that have all built on each other, such as following the Ayurveda Clock, practicing gratitude before bed, changing the dinner routine, committing to regular exercise, etc.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that I have found a little more self-belief (something I struggle with). I still have a way to go but at long last I feel there is hope for me. I am starting to look forward, taking the lessons I’ve learnt with me but leaving the past behind. This all started with allowing myself to say yes to something new and being brave every time I stumble.

Lena is full of positive wellness ideas that are simple & easy to implement into your everyday life. She always found ideas that were relevant and complimented my values and passions. I 
would recommend her to to anyone wanting to clear some cobwebs out of their head and learn new practices to help them find more joy. It even makes me a little teary now to have been so  fortunate to  have had this opportunity with you. Bless you Lena. x"

- Sophie, after our one-on-one work together over 6 months

my Ayurvedic Holistic Healing & Empowerment 

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring Programs 

How I Work

As an integrative nutrition health coach and being trained thoroughly in various aspects of Yoga, Ayurveda, bodywork, energy and integrative healing, shamanism, trauma & emotional release work and more,  I am passionate about drawing from ancient Eastern traditions and concepts to marry those with our Western science and knowledge in order to create lifestyle and dietary implementations, mindset approaches and changes that are right for you as an individual. My soul purpose is to bring us back into sync with ourselves and natural rhythms to naturally, effortlessly thrive.

I look at us as a holistic being, meaning that body mind and emotions/spirit work synergistically and determine our state and depth with which we meet ourselves and the world. Therefore, and drawing from Ayurvedic and yogic principles, I work with the concept of primary food (nutrition) and secondary food (lifestyle) as well as with the approach of bio-individuality, simply meaning not one size fits all - one man's food is another mans poison, a beautiful pivotal concept of the ancient science of Ayurveda.

I specialize predominantly in chronic stress release, eating psychology, the self-healing and empowerment from past trauma and the optimisation of our physical, mental and emotional state using the modalities I am trained in with open heart and mind, combine ritual and ancient knowledge with modern lifestyle to not only show people how to heal themselves naturally but also how to empower themselves and become more successful in their pursuits in all aspects of life.

My Coaching Programmes

I love assisting people on their way to MORE THRIVE, health and happiness in their lives.


What is your missing piece in your puzzle?

Where are you on a plateau, how could life be more...? 


Let me share with you how you could work with me closely to really get deep into facilitating YOUR holistic transformation from the insight out - rewire, empower, transform and thrive!

I would be your ongoing guide and mentor for either 3,6 or 12 months (six months most common and recommended), while we’d conduct regular 1:1 sessions online or in person and work through the nitty-gritty of what it is that you personally need to achieve your health and wellness goals, relief chronic stress, and come to a more balanced state while giving you the tools and techniques that set you up for independent and long-term success. This is accompanied by a 12 module self-paced eProgram working from the gross to the subtle aspects of Self, to which you'll have access for 2 years.

We'll be going deep, doing the shadow work, re-pattern limiting beliefs, letting go of past stories that have been holding us back, closing those childhood wounds, eliminate toxicity and break through any blockages that may have prevented you from being your very highest self and elevating your frequency.

I want to serve you according to your needs!

This is all about YOU. It is YOUR transformation. Therefore I am happy to discuss and adjust in order to find a way for you to work with me that suits YOUR needs. 

So, if you are serious about stepping up your game on the playground that is life, apply via the intake form and if we are a vibrational match, we'll tee up a 30min discovery call and take it from there.

 if you are curious or have any questions get in touch with me here.



"What an honour and pleasure it is to write a testimonial for Lena.
I firstly did yoga with Lena and was immediately struck by her calm, reassured words and the absolute ease with which she captured the essence of yoga.
I then did an Ayurveda workshop with Lena. Again I was amazed with the calm relaxed manner that Lena brings and the maturity and wisdom she shows beyond her years.
I was so impressed I got my teenager daughter, who has had a bit of a struggle of late, to see Lena for some one on one coaching. While it is early days there are many positive signs and my daughter is on the way up.
And I am happy to say that I am also a better version of me for having Lena’s involvement in my life."
- Dan A.


1:1 Coaching Program Options

All program options contain 


☼ six or twelve 60min one-on-one sessions (via Zoom or in person)

☼ access to the Elevate eProgramme (12 modules of valuable content in form of handouts, articles, mp3 talks and videos) 

☼ follow-up emails after sessions

☼ access to me in between sessions via voice message and email

program durations & quantitiy of included sessions varies according to your needs.

Find some current options below.

Please be aware of that working one on one is a commitment and effort from both sides and your personal transformation and expansion requires your financial investment. 

I (Lena) have only limited spots for one-on-one work available and the investment ranges $1500-$3000 total. Monthly payment plans are available for all programs.

 Option 1: Elevate (most popular) 

12 x 60 min coaching sessions 

over a 6 or 12 months time frame 

The 6 months program creates an environment for us to deeply look into every aspect of your holistic well-being and getting into the nitty-gritty to facilitate long-lasting transformation. 

We will be working through the areas of:

- Nutrition & Food

- Health & Well-being

- Relationships & Connection

- Money, Career, Finance & Education

- Movement & Physical Exercise

- Spirituality and Purpose 

- Self Development

- Holistic Stress Management

- Mindfulness & Conscious Living

- Limiting Beliefs and Shadow Work

- Mindset, Mental & Emotional State & Balance

- Ayurvedic Approach of modern Living

+ more 

This program is for you if you are ready to say "YES" upgrading your holistic well-being and are committed to create change to the best of your ability for more balance and thrive in every area of your life.

Throughout the program you will gain the understanding that you are your own healer and empowerment based on your choices and you'll be given the tools you need to create full transformation and permanent positive change, mentally, physically and emotionally.

 Option 2: Low key growth

6 x 60 min coaching sessions

over a 3 or 6 months time frame 

Wanting to make profound changes in your holistic well-being but not sure whether you feel ready to dive all in, wanting to keep it low key but still grow? Then this is for you. Low Key Growth gives you an insight into all the areas mentioned above, though keeping it a little more low key. 

 Option 3: fast track transformation

12 x 60 min coaching sessions

over a 3 months time frame 

Including the same as the above, this program is for you if you are a "all in" kind-of person, eager to get it cranking once you set your mind to it. Instead of on a fortnightly basis we will come together once a week fast tracking the process. 



When choosing which program is for you, in all excitement stay realistic and listen in to what it is that you need and can manage right now for the sake of your own best results. Keep in mind that, while a "Fast Track Transformation" is amazing and will get you to your goal quicker, it will also require more time and attention per week aka you'll implement new things quicker into your life than you would with the "Transform to Thrive" program - but maybe that is exactly what you need and how your personality functions best!


The "Elevate" months program may be best for you, if you know you have lots happening in your life right now and you need time to integrate new changes and things we work through in a more comfortable pace. This does not mean you are slow in anyway but rather is 6 months a fantastic time frame for life and a variety it's events and changes to happen  while you approach it with new concepts and in new ways, perhaps allowing you to put the new learnings into practice with more depth aka in more environments and situations while still being actively in the program and working with me as your coach.


The Low Key Growth Program may be a perfect starting point for you, if you don't feel ready to delve all in or to take on a greater commitment yet for whatever reason this may be. Obviously this will facilitate growth too but in a more low-key frame than the other programs may due shorter time and contact periods.

the Elevate eProgramme 

(included in all 1:1 program options)

This programme is complementary and comes in 12 self-paced comprehensive modules.

You may want to journey throughout over 12 months (a module per month) which is a great time period to actually integrate and embody the content practically into your daily-life given our life's a busy as they are; or you may choose to power through it with one module per week - or anywhere between and beyond htese time frame options. It is up to you and you can work it around your needs and capacities. 

This eProgramme adds incredible value to our 1:1 mentoring program together - as it frees up our in-session time together so we can dive deep into how to make certain concepts and practices work for you individually, rather than chewing up our precios one-on-one time with explaining general concepts over and over again. The Elevate eProgramme in that sense is your practical resource library, that not only provides you with the background information and concepts relevant to elevating your body, mind and emotions holistically but it also gives you lots of practical tools, exercises and practices to implement and transform through. 

The content is presented in a variety of formats. In summary it includes:

 10+ hours of video and audio presentations

 handouts & infographics

 journalling and exercise sheets

 meditation audios


 additional resources such as articles, podcasts, handouts

+ more 


You'll have access to the eProgramme Backoffice for a total of 2 years and

most resources are downloadable for you to keep.



See an overview of all modules & topics below. 

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We'll discuss details and the right option for you in our discovery consult after your successful application- Click the button below :)

  Apply for working with me 1-1  

Apply via the intake form, which allows me to giet more of an inisght into who you are and where you are currently at, where you are heading and if we are a vibrational match. From there, if your application is successful you will here from me soon and we'll  book in a free 30 min compatibility & discovery call together. This initial session will bring a lot of clarity on how we'll best tackle your goals and come up with an action plan that meets your needs and personality in a 1-1 program that works for you and your current lifestyle.  



I think that trust and mutual understanding is the key in ANY relationship. Whether you and your partner, family, doctor or coach. Have you ever found yourself not taking advice on board from someone who you didn't trust or resonate with? Exactly. 

So, I'd love you to be curious and get to know me. You can learn more about who I am in the "About" section, understand my view points  and way of sharing via my blog, Youtube or Facebook Page and Podcast and get to know my more personal side and way of living on Instagram.  

Tune in and connect with me via the socials or get in touch, I'm excited to see who I meet on this wave length.

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Are you in my immediate local area (usually Southwest Australia, Yallingup Area)? 
I run holistic living and wellness workshops throughout the year. Find them via my Facebook page above or under Upcoming Events and Workshops here!

I am also available for private workshops and wellness events for cooperate, and private functions and events. Check out our Down-South Holistic Offering here. The same workshop range as described in the Southwest offerings is available for occasions as mentioned above.

Life is what you make it. 

once-off or follow-up options of working with Lena one-on-one


 Option 4: "sowing SEEDS" Session Bundle 

bundle of 3 coaching sessions  to be used over a 9 months time frame 

This bundle is perfect for clients who have worked with me before and feel like they would benefit from the concessional check in and support to stay or get back on track.

It's also the best option if you are not ready to commit to a full program yet at this stage of your life for whatever reason that may be but you are still wanting to work with me on your transformation. The bundle of three sessions allows you to sow your seeds for transformation along the way and you can use them as you please over the course of 9 months. 

This is a great option to choose for my Ayurvedic Consults too.