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my dear seeker.

Hello and thank you for being here, opening yourself to seeing more of who I am, the one behind this page and work you have somehow been called to...


My name is Lena.   

I am a qualified integrative holistic healing and empowerment coach, mentor, counsellor and therapist. Instead of verbal-vomiting all my qualifications and training experiences on you and expecting that to be the thing that draws you to me - I leave that part to read up in nice, tight bullet points down below if it interests you. 

Most importantly - I am someone who is passionate like nothing else about humanity and how each and every one of us has unlimited potential available to us, unique gifts to share, space to take up, empowerment to step into and absolute freedom to claim. My devotion in this lifetime is to be of service - to help you shine a light on your path home. For you to stand in and fully embody your truth, your potential, your power and shine your light. 
I am here to listen, to fully see and understand you - for you to break loose from any remnants of "stuff", trauma, hurt, conditioning, pain and limitations that may have kept you small. 

My mission is to co-create a new earth of peace, compassion, love, support and harmony - in which we all do not only peacefully co-exist with each other and nature, but embrace and cheer each other on, realise and pursue our dharma (calling) and passion and truly, authentically and fully thrive.


This is how we raise the frequency of this planet.

Of humanity.

This is THE work - to know thyself.

To free thyself.

For ALL and EVERYTHING to liberate and thrive. 



My  work is hardly "work" because it is my passion, my calling. I am devoted to elevate those around me. But next to this, I am simply someone who is a life-loving, nature enthusiastic, ocean addicted, adventurous, creative and hilarious free spirit, foodie, romantic and earth warrior with a gigantic inner child and a passion for living my best life. I am a friend, here to cheer you on and make you believe in yourself again, while taking life a bit less serious.


When we cut the crap we realise: it's all just a game.
And we are all just winging it. 

Life is a training and play ground for the evolution of our soul.
We choose to come here to learn and grow - and thereby, in any life experience we find gold.

We may either encounter its shining beauty and delight immediately (positive experiences)
or it is disguised in lessons (negative experiences).

What has gotten me here...


... as a passionate advocate of assisting people in finding the “missing piece of their puzzle” to really be their happiest, healthiest, most empowered, confident, successful and thriving selves in all areas of their lives is my own healing journey, that I would like to give you an insight to…

…I haven’t always been my bubbly, happy and thriving self. I actually grew up suffering a lot of mental and emotional abuse and toxic family relationships causing profound trauma and chronic stress when I was still yet to develop into my teens. I’ve had self-esteem below zero, never felt worthy or “good enough” and didn’t know that love wasn’t mean to be conditional. I don’t hold a memory of pure happiness in my childhood days and by the time I was a teenager I suffered from chronic stress manifesting in depression, anxiety, self-harming, chronic migraines and severe eating disorders like bulimia and BES for about five or six years. I was at a point where I had a constant 2 voices in my head telling me I wasn’t good enough, I was illusionary, undeserving, selfish, attention-seeking even a few years in after finally leaving my country and childhood home.

In my early adult life I kept attracting in just more of the same, toxic partners and friendships, work environments, sexual abuse, chronic exhaustion, and stress which together led to problematic digestion, gut health and hormone imbalances within my body. I reached a point of not knowing how else to help myself other than going down the path of clinical psychotherapy and mood-lifting drugs (Because that’s how everyone used to deal with their problems, right?)

Luckily, just before I could take action on this decision, my soul caught hold of me to guide me towards another direction:


I’ve always been an intuitive person and my intuition reaching through in important situations has led me to some of the best decisions of my life: I have always been active and sporty and after going through surgery to replace my ACL due to a snowboarding injury when working on the slopes, Yoga Therapy had become my saving grace. At only 19 with already screws in my body, my main concern was to merely make a 110% percent recovery from my physical injuries and gain all my strength and range of motion back like nothing has happened. And so I did – integrative rehab was all I was living for for the next few weeks after them telling me I would be out of anything for at least 9 months and I had to throw my plans of continuing back-to-back snowboarding and kite surfing seasons, and before you knew – I was back on the water kitesurfing only 6 weeks later. (Please note that this is my personal story and I am with no means suggestion this speedy recovery to be normal nor for anyone to take unnecessary risks). Yoga was part of my life and I started it’s positive effects reaching way deeper than just conditioning my physical body: I felt my mindset shift, trapped emotions to come up and transcend, I felt myself grow spiritually and starting to strip more and more of those subconscious shadows from past trauma that had a grip on me for so long.  

Within the same year, I had this spontaneous inner calling to travel to India to become a yoga teacher while I was in Europe for a visit. Timing is divine and I got blessed with incredible teachers at a school in a little village near Dharamsala, India, sharing ancient knowledge and practices that profoundly turned my life upside down within only a few weeks. It wasn’t just the practice of Asanas, but more so the yogic philosophy that made me see the world in a completely different light and soon led me its sister science Ayurveda, taking my own healing and empowerment into my own two hands and creating change from the inside out.

This was the start of me accelerating onto my own healing journey and realizing that in order to become your highest, purest and truly happy & healthy selves, it required a harmonious balance of body, mind and soul/emotions. The ancient healing systems of Ayurveda & Yoga have helped me to overcome my own imbalances from the very core – working my way from limiting beliefs and stories outwards to the holistic nourishment of my physical body from an intuitive and heart-centered place. I started to break away from toxic relationships, value and speak up for myself, become more confident from within and trusting myself instead of getting distracted left and right. My mind quietened and that second voice of doubt, blame and guilt became quieter and less frequent until it eventually muted fully. I started feeling more and more happiness from within, feeling joy and gratitude every day, becoming even more appreciative of the small things in life.

Having adapted more natural healing modalities during my studies in Asia and Australia, like energy healing, massage &bodywork techniques and aspects of shamanism and hermetic alchemy alongside the western science of nutrition and the human body, I am now sharing what I know helping people overcome their own traumas, limiting beliefs and hurdles holistically in order for them to live the lives they want to live just as I have.


Making this combination of ancient wisdom and practices & western knowledge a solid part of my lifestyle and daily life has led me to become the person I am today: I am the most open-minded, open-hearted, healthy and happy version of myself I have ever been: any physical ailments in my body have ceased, my migraines have vanished for years now, my menstrual cycle is balanced and symptom-free, so is my digestion/gut health and hormones.  I have developed a fine feel for my body’s needs to feel its best and strengthened both my intuition and intellect through deep internal work (versus an outward focus) and realized the integral importance of emotional intelligence to feel, be and act my best. I have a healthy relationship with food and cooking healthy, nutritious meals in one of my biggest hobbies, I am balanced, grounded, have healthy and loving relationships in my life – to others and myself, and manifesting what is in my alignment and raises my vibration has become like a skill. I love myself for who I am and when now looking back and telling my story, it feels like it has been someone else’s past as I have overcome any limiting beliefs and thought pattern that have prevented me from becoming who I truly am for so long.


Everything starts with our beliefs.

Our life quality is as limited or as abundant as we believe it is. My own journey has passionately let me to assisting people in rewiring their minds, empowering their spirits and transforming their physical health to really thrive in every aspect of their lives and live up their fullest potentials.


Doing the inner work required for empowered self-healing and the authentic elevation of my body and mind literally has been my natural psychotherapy alternative leaving me the best I have ever felt in my life and me still learning to thrive even more by the day, the more action I take.

If I have done it…why couldn’t you?

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I'd love to introduce you to my world further...

Obviously this ALL that is me, but just the fraction you may expect being introduced first when landing on this page, drawn by the nature of my work - we all have different stories and faces and I would love to share as much as possible with you about me.


As you scroll down you'll find a second video giving you an Intro to my mission with Earth Medicine Co as well as more about the human bean that I am. I'm loving to share with you and can't wait to get to know you too!

Grunge Wood

Relevant Qualifications

Yoga Teacher Training (200RYT) – Dharamsala, India

Yoga & Ayurveda Therapy Training – Rishikesh, India

Certification in Ayurvedic massage, Ayurvedic Marma Point Therapy,

Ayurvedic Cooking & Nutrition and Ayurvedic Stress Management

– Ayuskama School of Yoga & Ayurveda, Rishikesh, India

Swedish Massage Certification – Margaret River, Australia

Ayurvedic Sacred Stone Therapy Certification – Western Australia

Reiki Master Teacher in Usui Reiki Tradition – Australia/Thailand/USA

Sound Massage Certification – Australia via Peter Hess Institute, Germany

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach – Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY, USA

Ayurvedic Health Counsellor(2 Year Diploma) Joyful Belly School of Ayurveda & Digestion, USA

Diploma of Holistic Integrative Creative Art Therapy - Willow Training College, Australia

Extensive training and mentorships with several professionals and renowned teachers in somatic experiencing, Ayurveda and shamanic medicines and psychology, occult and hermeticism, metaphysical modalities, self-actualisation and personal development and bodywork and movement.



M Y   J O U R N E Y





Lena’s yoga journey has started in India, where she has graduated her first teacher training over six years ago. Since then she has participated in several yoga, bodywork, therapy and Ayurveda trainings as well as further intensive training in energy and healing practices like Reiki and Hermetic Alchemy in several countries including India, Australia, Thailand and Germany. She is always eager to deepen her understanding and knowledge through further education, disciplined in self-study and practice while she is living a predominately holistic yogic and Ayurvedic lifestyle in the Southwest of Australia. Lena has been teaching yoga and sharing her offerings in Indonesia, specialised for surfers, Australia and Germany, has studied with the Svyasa university in Bangalore, India and is a trained Holistic Health, Food and Lifestyle Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, USA.

Lena’s local in-person offerings include different yoga classes & events, Ayurvedic health & lifestyle consults, bodywork and energy healing treatments, and The State of Flow Project (a fusion of music, yoga, free movement and dance, sound, vibration, and creativity for kids and adults) which she facilitates together with her husband, the musician Mac Diarmada, aiming to cultivate body awareness and a deeper understanding & connection of self and others. For more info on her sharings in the Southwest Yallingup Area check out her Instagram or Facebook page, or contact her via email.

Lena is deeply passionate about the therapeutic aspects of Ayurvedic and Yogic practices and offers private and one-on-one yoga therapy sessions next to Ayurvedic and Yogic lifestyle counselling for mental, emotional and physical ailments or imbalances, and holistic health coaching programs suitable and attainable for everyone, online and in person. Furthermore, Lena offers healing and Reiki sessions, bodywork and Reiki attunements for people who feel the calling to empower themselves through the cultivation of life force energy and heighten their own intuition and awareness, also available online and in person.


Believing that Yoga and Ayurveda can assist greatly with stress management and due to own experiences, Lena also focuses on assisting people with mental and stress-related imbalances such as depression and anxiety with holistic spiritual guidance.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

"Yoga & Ayurveda have helped me to become who I am today.

- they have been my anchor allowing me to work through deep past trauma of mental, emotional and physical nature, and have assisted me in moving closer towards who I really am and find the light inside myself - a light, that is within EVERYONE of us, in every single being. It has always here - it is just up to ourselves to choose to see and spark it.

Yoga is more than just physical exercise - it is a way of living. So is Ayurveda - an ancient science that's ever relevant and adaptable to modern life for a greater thrive factor. Since it has done so much for myself on a holistic level AKA all aspects of my life, I am passionate about sharing this holistic and natural living approach with people to assist them in their own healing and empower themselves to discover their own true potential, health and happiness. ...

... happiness is health and health is happiness - and both start in our mind. The way we think makes the way we perceive and approach the world. Our own belief systems determine our own reality, how we see others and how we see ourselves. The root for every change lies within - change happens from the inside out as we radiate what we are, what is within us. To heal the world, we have to heal OURSELVES first to then radiate the love, compassion and happiness we have for ourselves into the world. “

BUT WHO else am i?

Apart from all the official stories and backgrounds of why I do what I do and share what I share..what kinda person am I? Scroll down to get to know Lena Kaliyah, the human bean ;)


Let's start again...

Hi there my name is Lena! Another soul navigating and finding her place and space in the fast and vast human world ...

To be all proper, my name is Anna-Lena, which I never liked telling people as I've been called by my, I guess, middle name Lena all my life and didn't want to risk becoming an Anna.

I was born in Germany but never found my home to be there. While some people are born in the wrong bodies, others are born in the wrong countries. - It's a thing.

I am an ancient soul in a modern body with an expansive mind. My mind is the universe multiple psychics told me. Age doesn't mean a thing to me as life is about experiences and your level of consciousness and not the number of years counting on your legal documents. To be honest this might be a reason why I frequently struggle "fitting in" to society and matrix life...I often find this physical world limiting and compressing and my fairy soul would like nothing more than living in some tree trunk in an ancient forest surrounded by fireflies and other spirit beings but I also believe that we are all where we are at for a reason

and in this lifetime, human it is. 

I got absolute belief in reincarnation, higher intelligence, universal love & consciousness, god/universe/spirit whatever you like to call it, soul advancement on different levels which determines in what kind of life we get reborn and that human race is just a tiny part of a huge picture. I could get further into this here but also don't want you to think that I am fully going off the rails...

On that note - I am a non-drinker, non-smoker, predominantly vegan and nature-loving barefoot hippie and yes I still have a hell of load of fun in my life: my favourite activities are: fun & play, expressing my inner child which includes the occasional wrestle with my now-husband, daily belly laughs, morning boogies and being dogs' best mate, anything outdoors and in nature, camping trips and adventure, not wearing shoes, travel,  being active aka surf, volleyball, hike, ride my bike, nature walks, yoga, general functional movement and mobility training, I love being creative in any form or way: music, painting, writing, poetry, crocheting, macrame, building things, decorating, upcycling, improvising on everything. 

I love reading - my book collection may be the most valuable thing in my house. At the same time I don't actually have, or better to say make, too much time to read because I basically LIVE in the kitchen: cooking healthy, nourishing and REAL foods from scratch is  probably my biggest passion that I often forget to speak about. My husband, Andy, who is a Musician but also a carpenter (what a combo, huh?! I scored!) has built me an incredible spice rack or better a spice WALL out of Marri wood, which was probably the best thing that has happened in the last year. Kidding, but it's definitely up there. I spend a LOT of time in the kitchen - my old housemate used to say that "If Lena is not in the kitchen, she probably isn't home". True in most cases. I love making good food for good people, having great, deep and meaningful conversations, going out to dance to live music, laughing, playing and wrestling with my partner and dog, West Oz night skies and talking to the universe or more specifically the moon, which I usually do at a night walk when it's full.

I am all about living in alignment aka getting in touch with yourself via your feelings and intuition and being the kindest, loving, genuine and thriving version of myself to create a positive ripple effect and of course live a rad and fun AF life, making the most of every moment.

I am an introverted extrovert or sometimes extroverted introvert, not a fan of small talk and usually need to equalise an afternoon of social time with 3 days to myself. My inner child is taking up a lot of my personality but can switch to mother and crown archetype within a blink. I am an empath, love combining old ancient practices with western modern science and life, nature is my greatest teacher, best friend and happy place. I would choose a shack in the woods over a 5 star hotel any time. I love living simple and lived the van life for 2 years - currently we are working towards a Coaster bus to take The State of Flow Project onto the road. 

Although I am German, I am not actually a very timely or punctual person. This is not because I don't respect anyone's time including my own but because I try and fit too many things into every moment available and am not good at waiting, because "I want to be efficient" haha. I always got something to do, I'm pretty sure there's never been a moment of boredom in life, I've always got a project going, if not three. I am a big-time creatress, always juggling many things and manifestations of plenty of ideas - it is my intrinsic nature.

My core values are:

love + truthfulness + impeccability + authenticity + integrity + alignment + respect + acceptance + open-mindedness  + trust + compassion + joy + play + creativity + fun + efficiency + kindness + community + health + natural living + giving back + feeling good + doing good + simplicity 

I also love going onto little (big) rants about life, philosophy, spirituality, everything holistic living...I'd love to invite you to spend a day in my head - no doubt our new age technology will make that possible soon, perhaps once they release 6G!

Anyways, that's it about me for now, haha :) 
Follow me on the socials to get to know me more and I'd love to connect with you! 

happy days,

Leens x