Get to know your Dosha!

While we have all three of the Doshas within us, which have different characteristics and which also all govern different traits, body parts, organs and functions, they occur in different proportions within each of us. The dosha that is most prominent within you, determines your main characteristics and attributes. Click the symbols below to learn more about the individual body-mind type.

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Hi Thriver, congratulations for learning about the Doshas and discovering yours! Did you know that now, according to your body-mind constitution you can easily determine your symptoms and root causes of imbalances and find easy and doable adjustments in lifestyle, diet and mindset to come back to your balanced center and become your highest, most pure, happy, healthy and successful evolvement? 

Delving into the depth of my Dosha and Ayurveda has certainly allowed me to become my highest self and live the balanced and empowered life I am living today, having become my own healer and purest version of myself. And so can you! By signing up to my email tribe you'll get access to exclusive weekly insights into holistic well-being practices according to your Ayurveda. 

But if you want to take your own life to the next level and get right into the real and specific stuff that is relevant to getting YOU to thrive, want to gather the tools to become your own healer  and feel like you are ready to put new discoveries and realizations into action to become your highest evolvement by balancing, nourishing and empowering your body, mind and spirit then my 12 week one-on-one program (3 or 6 months) may be just for you! Book in for a free initial discovery consultation in which we can get clear on where you are at,your goals and if we are meant to work together. - book your slot by clicking the "Book a FREE Discovery Consult with me" button in the right hand corner. :) 

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