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from Sept 16th (Wednesdays) 4.30pm AWST via Zoom



coming late 2021 / 2022

five-week immersion into understanding and embodying the five great elements, which, according to many ancient systems of medicine and shamanic cultures including Ayurveda, make up our reality - within and without.

Ayurveda and similar healing systems and sciences are based upon natural, universal laws. Such as the law of correspondence - as within, so without. The human body and being is seen as the microcosm within the macrocosm and this is the basis of why nature truly IS our greatest teacher.

Join me in this five-week journey of embodying the five elements of fire, water, earth, air and ether and how they make up the tridosha - the three constitutional types of Vata, Pitta and Kapha in Ayurvedic medicine, which determine our characters, mind-body makeup, what bring us balance and what contributes to imbalance.

We will familiarise ourselves with these elements in a practical way: by exploring their qualities involving activities, foods, and discussion about how they impact our bodies, beings and lives, as well as through shamanic journeying, breathwork, movement and meditation.

Not only is this a potent foundation for KNOWING THYSELF and connecting to our own being - but to also deepen our compassion and understanding of others and thereby deepen our relationships and assist our harmonious perspective of the world, while learning to harness the power of the elements to bring about balance - in our bodies, relationships and lives.

This is a transmission journey, not just a course - it is about learning, growing and implementing by feeling and embodying the different concepts practically and you will be able to do so, if you allow yourself to fully LEAN IN to the journey.

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