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If you are ready to get your holistic wellbeing onto the next level to achieve what you are meant to be doing in this lifetime with joy and ease and make feeling authentically empowered and balanced in your body and mind your consistent 'new normal', there are ways in which we can work on this together. 

Want to dive deeper into your own wellbeing and empowerment? This is how you can work with me.

Utilising the empowering ancient medicine of Ayurveda paired with integrative nutrition, yoga and western science I focus on finding solutions specific to you and your unique constitution to overcome the roadblocks in between you and your greatest potential, naturally and holistically.  My aim as a holistic coach is to guide you towards a deeper connection with and understanding of yourself, your body and mind, to become your own healer & empowered. (Because no one will know you or body EVER better than YOURSELF.)

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For those wanting to see how we can work together in my tailored-to-you
1:1 three or six month signature programs - book a free call to dig deep & see if we are the right match.
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The ancient integrative medicine system of Ayurveda, which is over 5000 years old and based on the mind-body connection and natures circadian rhythms (the new Western science of chronology) is what I not only base all my work on, but it also forms a way of life, that I have made mine and walk every day. This is because... well, it is just SO integrative and a no-brainer!

As a result, you'll obviously hear me talk a lot about it on the State of Flow Podcast and I want to make sure you get the most out of it! So, if you are new to Ayurveda or need a little refresher or more information ...

Holistic wellbeing

The State of Flow Podcast is a place to discuss everything holistic thriving, creating your flow state and becoming your highest evolvement while on the training ground called earth.

With me being a Vata Ayurvedic body-mind type timelines and rigidity are not really something you can rely on BUT be ready for a weekly(-ish) doze of grounded spirituality married to science base and facts, ancient soul wisdom and body-mind medicine meeting modern bad-ass lifestyle and holistic health meeting self-empowerment, -development and success.

Most importantly, this is a space in which I share authentically from my heart, with the intention to spark something in you, whether inspiration or the realisation 'OMG, I am not alone!'.  So, join the State of Flow Community Group on Facebook to connect and continue the conversations!

The State of Flow podcast is all about sharing on topics that are relevant to elevating your body and mind thrive levels to elevate your life quality and joy factor holistically, getting the most out of life by being able to access your fullest potential. We'll be discussing topics from Ayurveda, yoga, mindset and spirituality to creativity, joy, relationships, personal development, nature & circadian rhythms, etc. 

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Lena Kermode is a certified holistic health coach, Ayurvedic counsellor, yoga teacher & therapist and the founder of Elevate - Mind Body Thrive. With her work, she assists people in elevating their state holistically and creating their flow state to access their greatest potential and thrive as their highest self every day, through 1:1 coaching and eCourses.

Her focus lays on grabbing "the problems and discomforts we accept as 'normal' that are really just 'common' and block the way between you and your greatest potential" by the root and teaching her clients to heal and empower themselves by reconnecting to their nature. Lena specializes in holistic stress release & detox, trauma healing, adrenal support, gut & mental health and hormone balance, making the ancient body-mind medicine of Ayurveda relevant to modern-day life.

To learn more about working with Lena, click here.

For those wanting to see how we can work together in my tailored-to-you
1:1 three or six month signature programs - book a free call to dig deep & see if we are the right match.
For those seeking Ayurvedic & holistic health support immediately in one-off consultations or session bundles.

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