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the journey of becoming ... you.

A journey from without to within,

from the macrocosm into the microcosm,

from the outer layers to the core,

through the body as a gateway into the subtle realms of your psyche


from all distractions, blockages and misalignment 

through nourishment, discovery and alignment



Group Intake COMING SOON.


a six-month journey through self-paced twelve modules of practical content


(videos, quizzes, challenges, journaling exercises, meditations, audio journeys, info sheets, etc. - something for every learning type)

accompanied by tailored live sessions with Lena to dive deep in.



Modules eProgramme.png

Presentation Sneak Peak


Module 9: Conscious Creation: Money & Abundance

To access our greatest potential and feel ease & flow in our bodies, minds and emotions, living symptoms through is accessible to all of us. 
Well-being is not a luxury, it is a necessity and our birthright.
As human beings we have innate potential, power and purity to regain.

To make this journey accessible to everyone, 

ELEVATE is available in three different tiers:



All module content above
plus six-twelve 1:1 one-on-one sessions with Lena
tailored to your individual needs

(depending on the program option you need)

AUD $2200-$3200 / payment plans available



All module content above

plus 12 group sessions corresponding to each module


AUD $1999 / payment plan available


all the modules at your own pace
add-on 1:1  sessions with Lena to be booked
at your convenience*


AUD $1199 / payment plan available

(*within a certain time frame at the discounted rate)

Group intakes open from late 2021/beginning 2022.
depending on expressions of interest.
If this is for you, please email us to let us know you are interested.

The tailored 1:1 mentorship is available at any time.
Please get in touch for any questions or hit the 'apply' button at the top of the page if you are ready to start the journey.


"I first came across Lena Kermode on social media. She appeared to be consistently coming through with knowledge and insights that struck a chord with me. What I also loved, was that Lena was also living her own life in alignment with what she was teaching. Walking the talk. I loved her energy, positivity and approach to life. I wondered if I could access the joy she seemed to emanate, for me. Could I live a more conscious, intentional life?


At the time, I was feeling stuck and very unsure of my next step. I was a couch potato, stay at home mum, that had no real passion for life. I watched a webinar with Lena and I knew immediately that I had to work with her. So, we started to work together 1 on 1. I won’t lie… It was the largest amount of money I have ever “invested” in myself. Scary, but I had a feeling it was the right thing to do…. And it was.


From the start I could tell this was going to be an amazing experience. Lena is very thorough in gathering information that she needs. We set goals and I got to work, at my own pace, via her modules that she has so lovingly created. I loved the whole Ayurvedic philosophy and Lena knows her stuff! 


Our live Zoom calls were always relaxed and she kept notes to track my progress. I felt I was held accountable for the work I was putting in, but never did it feel like a controlling boot camp. Rather it was more like being held by a loving friend. Lena’s knowledge is second to none – so vast. 


So I have gone from a flat, lifeless, stationary person, to someone who has a spring in her step. I move. I nourish myself. I hydrate. I sleep more soundly. I have a morning practice to help me deal with stress and I have clarity of thoughts. I feel amazing! I am now excited to be part of the Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse Community with Lena. So very energizing and clearing!


If you’re considering working with Lena; I say: GO FOR IT. You won’t regret it. Your life will change for the better.

- Carla Jones, after our one-on-one work together over 6 months

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