As in my other offerings I am following a rather intuitive approach for my body work and massage therapy treatments, combining different techniques and modalities to deliver a treatment which meets your individual needs.

My treatments are holistic, meaning, although they are practically focussed on the physical body, their effect goes beyond, nurturing and recalibrating and clearing all our three bodies (physical, mental, emotional) from blockages and easing tension.
Drawing from ancient modalities like Ayurveda, yoga, hermetic alchemy and Reiki and as a certified Integrative Nutrition holistic health Coach I am working by the principle of energy circulation in order to rebalance the body holistically:

Ayurveda says that
any ailment and tension manifesting in the physical body has a spiritual (mental-emotional) root cause.

Hence I am working directly on the bodies’ metaphysical meridian lines and related Marma points (similar to western trigger points but directly targeting energy centres on the Meridian lines) in order to encourage the flow of energy and channel purification to elevate any tension.

Also trained in Ayurvedic Sacred Stone therapy I implement hot stones into my treatments. These a heated and activated in warm water and have a profound detoxification effect on the body as well as they help grounding (rocks – earth element/Kapha Dosha – grounding, nurturing) a restless mind of the Vata Dosha and assist with reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia and move tension and trauma stored in the body on a cellular level.

Working on that same cellular level I incorporate sound into my treatments. Shamanic sounds of the medicine drum and other nature instruments as well as the vibration of Tibetan singing bowls around and ON the body allow a deep cellular recalibration of the body by sending frequency & vibration through each and every cell.

Reiki and energy balance being another aspect of my integrative bodywork, Energy balance sessions are also available on its own (more info on those here!) or as a part of a holistic sound massage.

All in all my bodywork treatments are an integrative combination of touch, manual manipulation, sound and energy balance. I combine different massage techniques like Ayurvedic, Hawaiian, Swedish massage, Thai Yoga therapy stretches, tension release, deep tissue & Marma Point therapy and ayurvedic hot stones. Be invited to a gentle yet deep treatment of warm restoring touch and grounding energy.



Sound Massage & Relaxation






















Sound massage is also available as a treatment on its own as it has a profound relaxation effect on the body and is a gentle yet deep approach of releasing trauma and restoring balance within each cell of the body.
The human body averagely contains between 50-65% of water, which naturally carries sound and vibration. Tons of studies and research have been done concerned with how sound, effect and frequency effects cells in both Eastern and Western culture and science – If you’ve got a few minutes spare, check out the videos below as the healing potential and power of sound and vibration is truly magnificent!






What to expect from an Integrative Bodywork or Sound Massage treatment with Lena

Before any session you will be handed a questionnaire to fill out and we will be talking about your needs in order to tailor your session.
My mission is to create a safe and sacred space for you to melt into and restore yourself with all the nurturing, nourishment, relaxation you need and release anything that does not serve anymore.



Intergrative Heaing and Bodywork, Satya Holistic Living Treatment Room, Yallingup, Wester Australia
Satya Holistic Living Sound Massage Singin Bowls, Shamanic Healing, Yallingup, Westen Australia, Reiki, Energy Balance
Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Sound Therapy, Massage, Energy Balance


What people have experienced after receiving integrative treatments from Lena 


"Lena is a very special therapist. She acts from the heart with no ego in sight.

Lena is a clear conduit who doesn't impose on your personal experience.

She facilitates and creates the space and we receive.

We are so lucky to have her offering her skill in the southwest."

- Dee M.


"I had the most amazing massage experience with Lena.

Highly recommend her healing hands."

- Leah W.

"I've just found my masseuse ... wow .. don't believe me, try Lena for yourself.....

I've had massages for over 30+ years ..undoubtedly in the top 2% thank you."

- Paul H

"Lena not only is an amazing yoga instructor but she is able to give

quite the massage! She is the ultimate physical well-being extraordinaire.

Living a healthy lifestyle is the driving force behind her many skills as

a health coach and I am so glad I was able to hang with her for a week in Indonesia.

She is a master of her craft and will blow your mind!"

- Jeff Z.

"Had a lot of massages in my life - this was one of the best! Thanks."

- Libby L



Gift Vouchers available!

What’s better to gift a dear one than the opportunity to refill their own cup? Treat someone to some self-care and nourishment with a Satya Holistic Living Gift Voucher for an integrative bodywork treatment, sound relaxation massage or an energy balancing session with Lena.

Disclaimer & T&C's

Cancel at least 24hrs before the session to avoid any charges. A cancellation fee of 50% of the regular treatment price incurs for cancellation within 24-hrs or non-show.

Payment is due before or at the time of appointment. Gift vouchers are non-refundable.

Please note that this is a professional space and any actions or remarks of sexual or personal nature will result in an immediate termination of the session.