Working with Lena One-on-One

Holistic healing & integrative private 1:1 sessions

incorporating the modalities of Ayurvedic & root cause medicine, yoga, shamanic alchemy, holistic health coaching & integrative nutrition, intuitive and spiritual counselling, creative art therapy and energy science

What if you could go from...

feeling flustered and scattered to a calm mind, 

from stress to flow,

from fatigue and tiredness to abundant energy,

from burnout to calm and vibrancy,

from aches and pains to ease & pleasure, 

from being amidst the storm

to becoming its eye.

From anxious to grounded, 

from sluggishness to feeling good

and radiating health and happiness 

from the inside out.

From the rat race against yourself

to elevating your mind and body,

to balanced emotions, 

from reacting to responding,

from attachment to letting go.

from judgement to tolerance and compassion,

from surviving to thriving,

from average to greatness,

from chasing the future to being in the present,


from more is less to less is more,

from shallow chasing and meaningless encounters,

to meaningful and deep connections

with yourself and your tribe.

from filling voids to nourishment

and to-do lists to feeling joy,

to taking ourselves less serious,

lough more, live more


from wasting time to quality time

and special moments every day

From life-in-a-box to magic,

from fading to creation.

From keeping on to living your best life

from self-consciousness to empowerment,

from healing to feeling your best

and leading as your highest self, everyday.
Radiating from the inside out. 

This can be you. Everyday. 

L E T' S  G E T   S T A R T E D   W I T H   O N E   C L I C K 
If you are seeking holistic healing & integrative lifestyle support immediately to amplify mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, resilience and empowerment
via an Ayurvedic introductory session with me, tailored to your needs:
If you are seeking on-going holistic healing & guidance & are ready to commit, transform & expand into your full potential, we can work together in personalized mentoring programs - simply apply by answering the questions in the intake form via the button below, to see if we are a vibrational match.
If so, we'll tee up a chat to create an action plan to achieve your goals in a tailored program best for you.* 
Learn more here.
*best value and most transformational potential - as we know, nothing of value is created overnight or the result of a quick fix. Especially when it comes to your own liberation, empwoerment and wellbeing. 

Introductory holistic healing sessions

Our consult will go for about 75-90minutes. 
If this is your initial consult with me, upon booking you are required to fill out a 'client intake form' and return it to me ahead of our scheduled consult, so I can get an overview of your health history and current state. 

The initial consult when working with an integrative Ayurvedic practitioner involves a lot of questions from my end related to your current state of health, lifestyle, diet, selfcare, etc. in order to gain a detailed overview and determine your unique constitution according to which we will come up with sustainable action steps to re-gain or maintain balance of your body and mind and reclaim your flow state.

As we know, nothing of value is being created over-night, and true transformation and elevation requires time, commitment and consistency. If you wish to receive on-going support over a number of months in a tailored-for-you program with me, we can discuss this at the end of our initial consult or we can book in a 15minute chat to discuss the best options for you. Send me an email to or go via the intake form via the button.

You can learn more about what working with me can look like
via the information below.

Do you want to destress, balance and elevate?

What exactly do I mean and how could it help you with the symptoms

you got going on right now? 

Destress, balance and elevate with me to become your highest self  & thrive feeling mentally, emotionally and physically at your best to access your greatest potential.

Inspired by my own holistic healing & empowerment journey, 6 years ago I started my path as a qualified practitioner in the natural healing industry. (read more on my story here).

Today in my clinical practice I intuitively draw from several modalities I have been trained in, including Yoga (teaching & therapy), integrative nutrition and holistic health & life coaching, Ayurveda, different bodywork and energy balancing techniques (incl. Reiki, Hermeticism, somatic therapy, Theta healing, shamanism) and personal development according to my clients individual needs, with Ayurveda as relatable foundation enabling my clients to ultimately become their own healers.

Whatever offering speaks to you and is our pick - know that my work is deeply integrative and will be tailored to your needs in a holistic way, meaning that we will always target the root causes of your imbalances and therefore work synergistically with your physiology and psychology (body-mind-emotions). 

If you would like to learn more about ongoing therapy and coaching work with me (usually three or six months program duration but tailorable to your needs), see if we are a vibrational match and how we can tackle your goals, apply for a free clarity & compatibility call with me in which we can address all of your questions. The application process involves you simply answering a few questions by filling out the form via the button below.

most popular & transformative option
Or read below for
quick info
and access

- C L I E N T   R E V I E W -

What Kristie said about how our work helped her:

...You are a fine-tuner!! You help people look at their lives holistically, finding the gaps and missing pieces that are holding them back from feeling their absolute best and help them cultivate what's needed to really thrive!! Thanks for doing this for me, for always finding something positive and uplifting when I came down on my self, yet always gently and yet firmly guiding me to really upper my game! I would have never come to where I am when I did without you as my coach!!xx

Done scrolling and just want to lock in a session? Click the button below.

1:1 Mentoring & Holistic Support Programs:

Integrative guidance to balance and amplify your health & life.


These programs are tailored to your individual needs, approaching your symptoms holistically. Rather than applying 'band-aid quick fixes' we will work on the underlying root causes that prevent your from authentically thriving and feeling at ease and empowered in your body and mind through an integrative approach linking your mindset, lifestyle, diet and belief systems.

P R O G R A M   I N C L U S I O N S

  • ​12x 60min 1:1 coaching sessions over three or six months*

  • lifetime access to complementing 12week 'Elevate' eCourse

  • relevant video, audio material and handouts

  • constant access to me as your coach via email and voice message
    for the duration of your program

  • discount on my other offerings (excl. of products)

*program duration and session amount adjustable depending on your needs.

- C L I E N T   R E V I E W -

What Michael said after our time together:

I love how you take the woo-woo out of spirituality and make things like Ayurveda so accessible and relatable for everyone, no matter where they're at! I've always been a sceptic and definitely didn't lean into the spiritual and intuitive side of mine at all but you showed me how easy it is to be your best when just realigning with myself and nature and really being ME. Thank you for everything and for bringing this understanding of how Ayurveda (which I couldn't even pronounce haha) And how it helps me to become happier and healthier into my life!"

"The more I learn about [Ayurveda] and actually apply it, the more it makes sense! It is just what we have always already known and how to live in tune with yourself and your surroundings, I am so hooked and can't believe I haven't been living this way earlier!!😄🙏

I'm keen to check out how working with you can look like for me. What's next?


If you are still here, you probably felt some nudge that *this* could be just what you need to get you off your plateau and into balance, ease and alignment! Watch the short 3min Video below for details on the next step or scroll past to directly schedule a free clarity call with me to discuss the right fit for potential on-going work together.

Want to take the next step and see if a 3 or 6 months 1:1 program with me is the right fit for you to de-stress, balance and elevate holistically?

click the button below to answer some questions and we'll arrange a time to chat.

- C L I E N T   R E V I E W -

What Sophie said upon completion of our six months integrative health & life coaching work together:

My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were to improve my energy levels, as I always feel tired and motivation can be hard to find; to find more emotional balance (reduce my mood swings, depression, anxiety, etc.) and to find a little of me again (by unsticking some of the stuckness left from trauma).

Lena was able to help me work toward these goals by guiding me through finding healthy new techniques to add to my “Holistic Healing Toolbox”, to help me find my flow and keep it. I found it easy to be open with Lena, to both share gritty issues and a laugh, as she always listened with compassion and empathy.
The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I have been sleeping better (my sleep quality has been horrible for the last few years.) So much so I have more energy in the mornings again! So many little changes that have all built on each other, such as following the Ayurveda Clock, practicing gratitude before bed, changing the dinner routine, committing to regular exercise, etc.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that I have found a little more self-belief (something I struggle with). I still have a way to go but at long last I feel there is hope for me. I am starting to look forward, taking the lessons I’ve learnt with me but leaving the past behind. This all started with allowing myself to say yes to something new and being brave every time I stumble.

Lena is full of positive wellness ideas that are simple & easy to implement into your everyday life. She always found ideas that were relevant and complimented my values and passions. I would recommend her to to anyone wanting to clear some cobwebs out of their head

and learn new practices to help them find more joy. It even

makes me a little teary now to have been so  fortunate

to  have had this opportunity with you. Bless you Lena <3


- Sophie 

Please note:

ONLY ongoing work with me is available via application process only.* - this is to ensure that you are ready for the commitment of achieving your goals & for us to be the right fit. To apply, you're asked to answer some questions via a form. From there we will arrange a chat.


all other offerings are available directly for booking with a few clicks.

* (e.g. coaching & therapy programs): apply for personal one-on-one work via an intake form allowing me to get to know more of who you are & where you are at. If successful, we will schedule a free clarity & compatibility  with me in which we determine if we are a fit (can also happen in any paid one-off session) Genuine applications only.