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Living in Sync - Ayurveda

a self-paced online journey to empowerment & balance

C O M I N G   S O O N

Seasonal living in tune with your natural circadian rhythms and cycles for optimal wellbeing, vitality & immunity and experiencing ease & flow in daily life, feeling empowered from within.

Learn to understand your body's signs and symptoms and nourish yourself best for optimal balance and well-being, boost your immunity & vitality this season and all seasons of the year and life to come.

The living in sync eCourse is intended to be your guide for healthy, seasonal, and cyclic living to refer back to whenever you need to with life-time access.

This mini e-course is self-paced with different sections relevant to each season of the year, through which you can work chronologically or intuitively according to what you need to dive deeper into/refresh at the time.

Programs & Courses

  • 'Elevate' Program

    12 weeks holistic health & transformation eCourse
    • Lifetime Access to All Course Materials
    • Weekly Video, Audio and Reading Content & Tasks
    • Healthy Nutrition and Food Guidance
    • Conscious Creation, Relationships, Purification Teachings
    • Holistic Detoxification & Low-Tox Lifestyle Know-How
    • Foundations of Auyurveda
    • Hormone Balance, Stress Release and Circadian Rhythms