Ayurvedic Tips for More Energy

Behind Low Energy - it's a Messenger

Whenever we neglect or are too flexible (aka irregular) in satisfying our bio-organisms aka bodies basic needs, it directly affects the efficiency of our digestive fire, which impacts our ability to effectively absorb and direct our nutrients which then limits the optimal functioning of our mind-body and leaves us at a shortage of energy and functioning.

Because as soon as our body is in survival mode aka fight-or-flight response (it is about our BODY and the threat to its vital functions, that's where it starts), some big decisions need to be made: the body asks itself: "what do I need to prioritize in order to deal with the perceived threat (aka stress, lack of structure and routine, periods of change and transition, trauma or post-somatic/delayed response to trauma) right now?"

As soon as this happens, our body needs to compromise. "Okay, to make it out of here I need to either run, fight or freeze. All of this requires muscle engagement and an alert mind. everything else will need to go on hold".

"Everything else" is your digestion, relaxation response, proper hormone production, etc. and it being on hold, often permanently when not snapping out of fight-and-flight, leaves you permanently exhausted, drained, tired amongst other symptoms.

So here are some simple but profound tips to support that magnificent temple of yours so it can, in turn, grace you with more energy and feeling ALIVE.

Calibrating to Your Circadian Rhythms

The more we can live in sync with our circadian rhythms aka our bio clock or biorhythms, the more our body remains in equilibrium and our parasympathetic nervous system is activated, meaning we are in rest and digest mode/relaxation response and thereby at our best functioning.