Did you know about your Bio-Field?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

After yet another incredible shamanic soul flight energy & sound session I feel compelled to write about what an incredible effect modalities working with the energetic body and/or spirit can have on our overall well-being, which in our Western cultures still is overseen too often.

We Are Energy.

Let's go via quantum physics and remember that we are all made of trillions of little cells that are forming the organism that we are, called human being, the manifestation of a physical shell for our souls. Each of these cells is completely self-sufficient with their own mitochondria for cell respiration, which is the cell's engine or powerhouse, they conduct their own protein and fat synthesis (ER), energy conversion, have their own "nutrient and substance storage" (Golgi apparatus), digestive functions and enzyme release (Lysosomes), but most importantly each cell has their own "brain" which is the nucleus. This is where not only our DNA and genes are contained but ALL our memories and information. That includes anything that has shaped or influenced us in any shape or form throughout our ancestral lines and in any moment of our current lifetime and may be trauma, (limiting) belief systems, uncleared emotions, etc.

All these cells communicate with each other in order to commune as a part of functioning and balanced organism which, to widen this picture further, also communicates with it's surroundings aka lives in synergy with the natural bio-rhythms or circadian rhythms of nature which are in synergy with the lunar and sun cycles and therefore with the rhythms of the universe and so forth. - Obviously we know there is something more going on than just "hands-on" mechanics and biochemistry. Just as the earth has its own electro-magnetic field called the gravity field, so does every living being.

The "Bio-Field" - Life Force, Prana, Qi.

In 1994 Western Science has finally dubbed, what ancient civilizations knew for millennia and eastern healing systems like Vedic science and Ayurveda have been working with for thousands of years as qi, ki or prana, this phenomena the "bio-field" - which is composed of both, measurable electromagnetic energy and hypothetical subtle energy called life force, qi, ki or prana. This energy field interpenetrates and surrounds the body of all beings and is also called aura.

There is a lot of subtle interconnection involved in all existence. We would not be ALIVE and any more than just a physical body or object without life force. We wouldn't have thought, emotions, sensations, nor the ability to strive for our best lives or love.

We are pure energy and energy resonates with and response to energy.

"This is why any form of holistic healing working with energy and spirit is so potent. It is subtle yet profound work, often working right on the source of an imbalance.''

This is why modalities like Reiki, dreamtime healing, hermetic alchemy, sound massage which are working with energy or music, sound and vibration that directly works with frequency, which is how energy resonates, are so potent. It is subtle yet profound work, often working right on the source of an imbalance, given that physical ailments always have a spiritual (mental-emotional) root cause.

A shamanic "Soul Flight" healing session under natures' roofby Lena Kermode.
A shamanic "Soul Flight" healing session under natures' roofby Lena Kermode.

Personally, after years of studying Ayurveda, Yoga, different body work techniques, sound massage and balancing, the chakra system and Marma point therapy, Reiki, Hermeticism, Meditation, alchemy and some shamanism and theta healing and having taken away bits and pieces from each of these learnings and teachings and woven into one intuitive yet deep and profound healing and balancing approach I love offering this kind of work to clients and can't wait to see it grow in our western world too for a more holistic and integrative approach to body-mind-spirit balance, happiness and wellbeing.

The Naturey Treatment Room and Clinic in Yallingup at Satya Holistic Living by Lena K.
The Naturey Treatment Room and Clinic in Yallingup at Earth Medicine Co by Lena Kaliyah.

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Sat Nam, Lena

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