How Holistic Detox Leads to Self-Empowerment

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Our bodies are vessels that reflect what we put in them. If we continue to let toxins and negativity accumulate, our bodies will eventually show signs of disease. When we let these things happen, we fail to access our highest potential.

In this episode, I talk about holistic detox, a process of purifying all realms in our body. I explain the root cause of diseases and identify concrete holistic detox steps to help us unlock the best version of ourselves.

Tune in to this episode to learn how to be the healthiest, highest version of yourself with holistic detox!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn about the importance of holistic detox and how it affects your body's physical, emotional, mental and energetic realms.

  2. Discover how misalignments in energy lead to physical disease.

  3. Know how keeping energetic boundaries keeps toxins out of our body.


Episode Highlights

What Is Holistic Detox?

  • Holistic detox is much more than diet or nutrition. It aims to purify our bodies energetically, mentally and emotionally.

  • If we use the dirty window analogy, obstructions or ‘dirt’ may limit our vision.

  • If you clean the window, you will have a clear perception of reality.

  • Toxins create a cloudy mass in our body that obstructs the free flow of prana or life force.

  • Toxins prevent us from accessing our highest potential.

The Six Stages of Disease

  • Physical diseases have mental, emotional and therefore energetic or spiritual root causes.

  • The disease starts with a minor symptom that we ignore.

  • Minor symptoms accumulate and become severe.

  • The symptom overcomes its threshold and relocates. It hits a genetic weak spot that amplifies weakness in the body.

  • The disease becomes diagnosable and will eventually be irreversible.

The Energetic Container

  • The disease starts from the energetic sphere.

  • If you don't detoxify, the symptom will spread and overcome the energy sphere threshold.

  • It then travels to the mental sphere.

  • If still ignored, it sweeps over our emotional body.

  • Eventually, it spills over onto the physical realm. It’s here that the disease manifests as the six stages previously mentioned.


  • Toxins can be physical, mental and emotional.

  • Mental toxicity comes from taking in information that lowers our vibe or is not beneficial.

  • Constantly engaging in low vibrational things allow toxins to enter our bodies.

Energetic Boundaries

  • Energetic Boundaries are gatekeepers.

  • They are auric scans that only permit entry to things that align with our values, ethics and morals.

  • If your boundaries are too rigid, loose or inconsistent, you invite toxins into your system.

  • It’s therefore important to recognise your gatekeepers. Ask yourself what your nonnegotiables are.

  • Make sure that your boundaries work in favor of your highest good and the collective highest good.

Habits That Instill Toxicity

  • The root cause for bad habits is a misalignment in the energetic field.

  • Smoking, drinking, doing drugs and hanging around the wrong crowd are some sources of toxicity.

  • Our body is a physical vessel. But it’s the gateway into more subtle realms.

  • Any physical manifestation is a result of something in the emotional, mental and energetic field.

  • Your inner condition or energy manifests externally and vice-versa.

Tips on Detoxifying

  • Replace stuff that is not good for you to reduce toxicity in the physical body.

  • Detoxify your lifestyle and relationships. Choose non-violent communication.

  • Choose what information to take in. Meditate and do more mindset work.

  • Clean yourself of those impurities that are clouding you and achieve self-empowerment.

  • For more tips on how to detox yourself holistically, listen to the full episode.

5 Powerful Quotes

‘There is a universal truth that is based on love, on harmony—and on that natural laws are based’.

‘When you are in that lower vibrational state, and that’s normal, we don’t actually know what we’re missing out on’.

‘If our gatekeepers are not stable and refined and solid, or if we don’t even know our gatekeepers, how could we possibly know what to let in for our greatest good and collective greatest good’?

‘If your physical vessel is clouded, you cannot ascend to the degree you could if you were fully purified in those channels’.

‘Self-empowerment, if that’s truly embodied, no one can take that from you’.

About Lena

Lena Kaliyah Kermode is a certified Ayurvedic Healing, Health & Empowerment Coach, Somatic Movement, Yoga & Bodywork Therapist. She specialises in holistic stress management, hormone balance and holistic detox and purification. She aims to help us create our flow state as she guides people towards self-empowerment and healing.

Her soul purpose is to help people become their healers and empower themselves to reconnect deeply to their bodies and selves using Ayurveda.