Conscious Creation - How to deepen your experiences & realize your desires

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Over the past few days my partner and Andy spend a lot of time on piecing together and creating for our The State of Flow Project, in short SFP. For those of you who haven’t heard about it yet (please do check it out via the social links Facebook and Instagram), SFP is a creative educational project about reconnecting people back to their true selves, others and the environment, meeting ourselves and the world from a place of inner anchoring and kindness and mental & emotional mastery. With this aim we are creating a fusion of sounds, movement, yoga, breathwork, music, vibration, mindfulness, nature and creativity for everyone to tap into their own state of flow.

To get right into our creatives and be in our best states when delving into this kind of work, we’ve been hanging for having a week away from our usual west coast environment and spent the last few days on the mid-south east coast. It always seems to be so much easier to focus what you really want to focus on being away from your daily-life surroundings. We’ve spent days out and about in the cities, in nature, at the ocean, getting footage, capturing sounds, getting inspired and opening our tap for the creative juice to flow.

Which is what leads me to what I want to have a conversation about in this blog post: conscious creation. With SFP it is so important to us to create the perfect atmosphere to guide people into the layers of consciousness and awareness we are aiming to: Andy has spent hours rendering, layering and synchronising sounds, I’ve been working on movement progressions, content creation, and structures to create a package that flows and brings people into a state of letting go, presence, surrender, sensuality, relaxation, feeling.

Conscious creation means to create with intent. What are you aiming to do/achieve, how do you want to feel? Our most profound, true and deep experiences occur when we are opening our subconscious mind: in neurology the subconscious realms are associated with the slower, deeper brainwaves ranging from the state of alpha brain frequencies (when we are aware & present) to theta frequencies (which we reach in meditation or deep sleep). As opposed to the Beta brain waves (associated with conscious mind & thinking), the state we are in when we are super concentrated, alert, busy or stressed aka fight and flight mode (in which we spend most our days), Alpha brain waves are the gateway to our creativity, intuition, subconscious and the bridge to our higher selves.

Now, the subconscious responds to imagery and emotions. This means that we can shortcut accessing our subconscious mind by intentionally creating the atmosphere around us according to our desired feelings and that way amplify our experiences.

A few examples:

You’ll have a more profound study experience and focus in a space that is airy, light and uncluttered. Instead of having your clothes laying all over the floor and your desk covered in paperwork, you’d clear your mind with green plants around purifying the air, light colours, a free desk space and surroundings.

You’ll have a more resting, deep and rejuvenating sleep, when your bedroom is a BEDroom and not your office, kitchen and dressing room at the same time. Fresh sheets, a tidy technology-free space and colours and decorations that make you feel relaxed and grounded can easily make this your sacred space.

Love-making with candle light, sensual music and a beautiful, cosy atmosphere will be deepen the connection between you and your partner in that moment.

Having a deep and entrusted conversation with someone is easier to be had in a homely, safe and private space that allows a person to feel comfortable and open up as opposed to the busy coffee shop in the town square.

You will reframe your mindset and improve your self-image by looking after your physical appearance, wear clothes that make you feel good/sexy/confident/classy/whatever desired, create a home-space that reflects how you want to see yourself and implement self-care practices and rituals.

You will attract positivity and abundance and anything you desire by consciously creating these feelings within you and your surroundings. Surrounding yourself with people and things that mirror what you want to attract or how you want to feel, set the atmosphere which attracts what you desire. We have the choice and ability of creating the life we want by putting out what we want to call in and living with intent.

If you feel called to work with me more directly on your individual needs of bringing more ritual into your life, find that missing piece for more thrive and deepen the connection to yourself, I offer one on one holistic health coaching programs. Learn more here.

Lena x


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