Inviting the Sacred into daily Life

Living in a day and age where commonly our daily life is so fast, vast, demanding and yang and impacting our nervous system and stress response easily, ritual and mindfulness is really what we need to not only ground back into the earth, but to truly anchor back into our being and meet the world from a place of inner empowerment and resilience in order to be our Highest Self and live in alignment with our dharma (purpose) and soul.

Below you'll find some way of how to invite the Sacred back into your daily life - by ritualising the little things and being mindful in each moment.

You can find this article as a printable PDF here, to hang up somewhere as your daily reminder if desired. With love,


As soon as you wake, spend the first few seconds of your waking state tuning into gratitude – what are you grateful for, what are you looking forward to right now?


– honouring the sacred elements to guide you throughout your day

  • Drink a glass of pure, warm water first thing in the morning to revitalise and cleanse your inner channels and pathways and replenish your cells. Give thanks to the water element for its life-giving qualities

  • You may light a candle and tune into the Sacred element of fire: as you gaze into the flame, imagine how fire is burning away any negative and obstructing energies from your field. You may sweep over and trace around the energy field around your body as if to smoothen, cleanse and attune it, becoming aware of your own energetic space.