Renew, Reset, Sow - Spring. The Seasons and your State.

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

The four seasons spring summer autumn winter

Have you noticed yourself change with the season? Our winter lethargy has slowly worn off, we are naturally more energised and active again, ready to move, for new ventures. Likely we already started craving lighter, more refreshing foods and you may even already have had a smoothie or salad again instead of hearty stews, soaps and warming winter dishes. - That's your bodies clock adjusting to the circadian rhythms of it's surroundings again and we slowly pole again to be back in sync with our surrounding frequencies. This does not only effect our physical bodies, but also our mental and emotional states.

Ayurveda emphasizes to find balance by syncing ourselves to nature's circadian rhythms and living in season, which does not only effect our physical bodies but really the different seasons also determine the seasons of life and hence there is literally a right time for everything.

An amazing audio book I'd recommend you listening to (our a book to read) is Jim Rohn's "The Season of Life" outlining exactly that.

But in this blog I want to summarize end exemplify how the seasons are affecting our life happenings. To note is that I am basing this on the current seasons in the southern hemisphere (it is October - spring in Australia), while these same principles still apply in the northern hemisphere you may just be in opposite seasons. :)

Spring Season

Spring. Like mentioned above you would have already felt that winter ice melting in one way or another. The gunas (Qualities in Ayurveda) of heaviness, lethargy and the damp and cold are slowly being replaced more lightness, change, mobility, it's drying up, the flowers are blossoming, everything around us is coming alive.

Spring is the time for sowing those new seeds. Also resembled in astrology by the September full moon known as the "harvest moon" because in bio-dynamic farming this is the best time to sow and germinate seeds to reap the best possible harvest in the southern hemisphere (while it is actual harvest time in Sept autumn in northern hemisphere) this is the time for new beginnings, recollection and renewal.

We are naturally poled towards taking on new ventures, gaining new momentum into a (new) direction, whether that entails business, love, education or other aspects in life. We are taking those first steps towards a new goal and doing the groundwork necessary for it to take off. Everything that follows comes back to our efforts and determination put into this part of the progress. Carefully grown and nurtured seedlings will more likely lead to grant outcome of our undertakings. To progress to the advanced we need to master the basics and foundations - and carefully plant the seeds as we can only reap what we sow.

Summer Season

Summer is the time of action. Ever noticed we are most social and outgoing in summer, most spontaneous up for adventure, activity, fun and action?

he Pitta time of the year in which our inner fire and drive is highest. This is the outward season of ambition, ticking boxes, being (pro)active, getting into action and really getting that ball rolling in whatever your ventures are.

With our seedlings growing stronger from spring, summer is the time of real growth and acceleration, where we take action on what we have acquired.

Autumn Season

Autumn is the time of harvest. As the leaves start to fall and the summer vibes fade we are reaping what we have sown and worked hard for.

Reaping the results of what we have initiated in the earlier seasons, autumn also is a time of reflection and reevaluation on what worked well and what to improve and letting go of anything that does not serve anymore. Here is where we realize if what we have done and where we have directed our energy to was worth the effort to achieve our goals.

In autumn, we slowly start to wind down from our outgoing vibes, preparing for moving into the slow and dullness of winter season and to move from an extrovert, active season into a time of stillness and grounding.

Winter Season

Winter is the time for self-care, nourishment and reflection. We have to refuel our energy drained by the last season of sowing, action-ing and reaping and care for ourselves in order to fully show up for the next season brighter, bigger and better. Jim Rohn says "Always work harder on yourself than on your business." If we never stop, acknowledge, reflect and reevaluate we cannot grow just as we can't show up a hundred percent in whatever it is we are doing if we are not looking after ourselves first on the way and try to pour from an empty cup. While winter is also a reflection time, we often turn from the external focus to the internal, looking inside while nurturing and restoring ourselves as doing so also re-sparks new motivation and creativity for the springs to come, in which we then start to take action on our new insights, ready for another season of growth and endless opportunity.

Are you ready to harness the power of moving with the seasons?

working with our nature and our circadian rhythms (which respond to the seasons and energies of our natural environment) versus against them and trying to swim upstream, is what enables true authentic wellbeing and self-empowerment. Not doing so is the root cause of dis-ease and illness or the feeling as though you stuck under a glass ceiling in life.

If you are ready to harness the power of moving with the seasons and befriending your innate nature, join us in any of these seasonal, shamanic immersions diving deep into embodying earth medicine and empowering yourself through self-healing:

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Or, if you would like to learn more about how to create more balance and success in your life and become your own healer by working in with nature's circadian rhythms and therefore with your body and mind instead of against it in your diet, lifestyle choices and mindset utilizing the tools of Ayurveda and other holistic practices, in a more personal and tailored-to-you way, book in for an Ayurvedic holistic healing & empowerment consult / mentoring session with me (Lena) to upgrade your health & happiness!


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