To my Tribe

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

This is for you, my homie. For you, of whichever age or gender, who is a nature loving free-spirit, you who GETS it and is driven, motivated and so ready to create change, have impact, go for more. You want more laughter, more love, more happiness, more respect, more connection, more opportunity, more tribe, more thrive, more trail blazers for everyone all around the globe. You meet the whole world from a place of love and compassion and love nothing more than seeing the people around you unfold, empower, own who they are and chase their dreams.

You want people to GET IT, to see that there is more, to listen within to get to know THEMSELVES and who they are and what they WANT, screwing what society tells them to be and fire back at all the tall-poppy-killers with love. You want to share, give and generate. You want your tribe to be on the same frequency as you, where everyone is both, inspiring and inspired, bouncing of each other and supporting everyone unconditionally to live their passions and best life.

You are not the envious, insecure type of human bean. You are the one who gets bloody thrilled by seeing others accelerate with something they have been working hard for and they authentically believe in, you cherish others for their success and use it to fuel your own engine.

You’ve got a go-getter attitude. You know that we are all the same, that we have all experienced crap, that we can all choose to draw learnings from it and that we all have the CHOICE to go for what we want and make it happen. You know that change starts with our own attitude, commitment, faith and passion. You show up if you want something and you hang in there unapologetically if you know it’s the right thing to do. You know when you know, and that’s it. You are in tune with yourself and your intuition, you follow your instincts and even when you sometimes can’t resist the urge of doing something JUST to make sure that it really is a bad idea, you get back up and going, being a little wiser to kick butt next time.

You are not the making excuses kind of dude or dudette. You play and live ABOVE the line and not below: instead of blame, excuses and denial, you choose the OAR of Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility to stir your own boat towards thrive-land.

Instead of having meaningless small talk, you rather say nothing and observe and watch. You love connecting with like-minded people in deep, meaningful conversations and every time you do so, you say in your head “OMFG, there IS a whole tribe out there, how epic is this!”. You are that spiritual barefoot hippie who hasn’t lost touch with the physical world we are strapped to but instead knows to utilise all these subtle tools and the law of attraction to raise the vibes and go for what you are going for. Instead of lighting a cone on how lame and backwards this world is and humanity being a bunch of inconsiderate deadbeads, you charge your crystals under the full moon, write scripts, goals and set you intentions in the morning, being the born human AF new-age hippie with goals to kick: creating change from the inside out.

Nature is your happy place and giving back to mother Gaia, looking after the environment is your passion. While you’d love to rub people their litter right into their faces, burn down their plastic wrapped junk food and just rip all the cage doors open on factory farms, you know that this won’t solve the problem, you know that no matter how screwed up the external world may seem, these are the symptoms and you need to get onto the root cause: which is helping humans to SEE, to re-evaluate their beliefs, morals and ethics, making the change within to then radiate it outwards.

Your mind is like an idea-factory, with which your body hardly can keep up with. You have notebooks in every corner of your house, your “notes section” as the most important widget on your home screen and creating new projects is your passion. You are the one listening to your friends’ ideas and dreams or walking into some coffee shop, who can’t stop yourself thinking “they should totally do x and z and that would make it even better!!” and while you are well aware of the importance of downtime, rest and self-care, you often can’t help yourself but DO IT anyways. You define your “chill day” with smashing out at least half of your to-do list and when laying in your hammock to get this down-time and read a book, it doesn’t take long until it sparks new ideas inside of you. Most mornings you wake up and have to remind yourself that the day does not actually consist of 35hrs and that, just because your soul has laid out your entire 10 year plan for you which you can see so clearly and detailed in your minds eye, it doesn’t mean that it’s realistic nor necessary to squeeze into a two week time frame.

Often you fairy off and away, you can’t help yourself but chuckle at some madness of the world and you feel highs and rushes of ecstasy immersing from inside of you simply by soaking up natures feels and colours, having your bare feet in the dirt or just being in your full alignment, your state of flow. You are in tune with your body and in touch with yourself, the loudest voice in your head is your intuition, and you find happiness, excitement and pure joy in the smallest things in life. Having like-minded people around you, noticing the world’s positive changes, hanging out in nature and realising how privileged you are to live the life you are living whenever you get to have spacious mornings full of sacredness and selfcare makes your heart overflow and the rhetoric question of “how good is life?!” fills you right up.

You have learned to meet ignorance, negativity and people who just don’t really care about the world, others and themselves with kindness and respect and the understanding of that they can only see what their own perception is allowing them to see and you know your boundaries, not letting anything or anyone lowering your vibration. You don’t take things personal, and clear communication, honesty authenticity and integrity are some of your highest values which you live by and constantly improve.

And whenever you find yourself in your hermit-bubble, where ever you are, with your sporadic friend Mr. Doubt creeping into your orbit, nagging on your shoulder trying to convince you to throw the towel and try and “fit in”, “get a real job” or “just do what everyone else is doing”, I hope that you read this or remind yourself of all these other homies that are out there, this epic global tribe of like-minded people who TOTALLY GET YOU, reach out, connect, team up, support and drive your visions and dreams forward because EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and you are one amazing human bean who the world needs more of! <3

Anyone who resonates with this and sees a bit of them selves in this, we are all part of the same tribe, we are all so connected. I’d love to meet you all, homies!

Much love and happy days! Lena x


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