VLOG: There's a time for everything - Ayurveda & Circadian Rhythms

Does this sound familiar to you? - you have your mind set on something knowing when and how you are going to want to get it done and it just doesn't work out this way. Or you want to start your day on a certain frequency, get up at this particular time, finished the project before the initial timeline, know all those things in at least by the end of August or be at a certain stage with something by mid year... and you just don't find yourself where you first envisioned. 

It is easy to turn towards blame, for ourselves or others, or beat ourselves up for not being "good/efficient/fast/smart/driven/focused/successful/you name it enough". Somehow our mind is designed to always get caught up on the one step back instead of the two steps forward we have made and is naturally way more self-critical than we ever would be about others. When caught up in our "own issues" and timelines it is easy to oversea and consider what else is going on around us and that our environment actually has quite an impact on our own personal mental-emotional state. 

On this topic I've created this little Vlog below, introducing a few on Ayurveda and the circadian rhythms in that regard. To be honest, I have recording this video WEEKS AGO and it just didn't happen to finally get it uploaded and send out to you until just now - which is another case of what I am talking about here!

I'd love you to take a few minutes to listen to it and hope it helps in some way. I would love your feedback and input on the topic and am always open for any questions - simply leave a comment under the video or reply to my email here!

Happy almost weekend, beautiful humans,

the spring equinox is not far off!



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