Reiki & energy healing


Prana, Chi, Ki, life force energy.

Different cultures have different names for this one vital energy that is bringing us into existence, making us ALIVE and forming the bridge from the physical to the metaphysical realms of our soul.

Countless scientific research has proven that the universe is made of energy. Whether the plants outside of your door, your dog, yourself, all material matter and what's in between - all is energy. Check out quantum physics. Looking from this angle shows quite clearly that ultimately everything is one. We are all connected. Existence is one and we are all part of an universal energy.


The human body is a microcosm within a macrocosm.

While this is a true on the larger scale, it is just as fitting in the dimensions of our own beingness. As Ayurveda says “The human body is a microcosm within a macrocosm” (and so is everything else within this universe), meaning how above, so below, how within so without. We are holistic beings, our body mind and spirit are energetically connected and want to be in harmony to achieve ultimate wellbeing for us become our highest selves.

Since we are living in a material and physical world with all the influences a human society brings with it, our, at first pure, consciousness becomes conditioned and manipulated by all our life experiences, conscious or subconscious, that we make on our journey through this world in this incarnation and past lifetimes. These influences obviously have an effect not only on our physical body, but also on our astral (emotional) and mental body and can cause energies to become stagnant and energy centres to be blocked.

Based on all these subtle energies, that also determine our DNAs, we develop believe systems in our minds that then govern our mental, emotional and physical behaviour and pattern.


Working on the subtle energy level through modalities like Reiki or other metaphysical therapies helps to fine-tune and realign the aspects of our beingness to increase vitality, clarity and soul purpose or Dharma. The more we can purify and un-condition from old pattern and belief systems that are not serving our highest goods, the more we increase our life quality.

Therefore, these kinds of treatments are very effective on a subconscious level.

Remember that every therapist is only the conduit or clear channel for energy to flow through them into you to help you re-calibrate, therefore ultimately you are the one in charge of your own Karma and the decisions you make consciously or unconsciously to create change within you. This is also why I don't necessarily like to call it energy HEALING or HEALER but rather balancing, as firstly the practitioner is only the conduit and secondly, energy just IS, it can be re-balanced or re-calibrated but not directly healed.


My Approach

Over the years of combining and applying different healing modalities, from Ayurveda and Yoga over hermetic alchemy and energy work, I came to the conclusion that everything is a matter of circulating our energy and the balance of each layer of being and consciousness.
This means that in order to be in our highest, most pure state or, how I like to call it, be in your “Flow State”, one must have an open channel (see the chakra and Meridian system) for energy to flow through freely and with ease.

While I like to refer to Ayurveda, many ancient systems believe that anything manifesting in the physical body has a mental-emotional aka spiritual root cause, which means that there is a stagnation of energy, whether that’s outdated belief systems, holding onto past traumas or suppressed emotions. We need to encourage the circulation of energy aka its free flow in order to achieve a state of balance and wellbeing.


Intuitive “SoulFlight” Energy Balancing Sessions with Lena

With my background as a holistic & Ayurvedic bodyworker and massage therapist, accredited Reiki Master within the Usui lineage, Yoga teacher & therapist and my studies in Hermetics, Alchemy, shamanism, theta healing and sound massage I combine my findings and knowledge into an intuitive combined approach of different healing modalities.

While having been trained in Usui Reiki as a Master Teacher, I have created my unique blend of Reiki with elements of other energy balancing techniques, Theta healing, touch, sound and shamanic tools (such as crystals and cleansing herbs) to facilitate an energy balance and healing session tailored to your individual needs.


In-Person and Distance/Online Sessions

Reiki is universal flows within all of us and therefore connects all living universally through the source, which means it can be evoked and transmitted via distance as well.

(Note: While Reiki does flow through all of us, it is “passive” within you if you haven’t been attuned to it’s energy)

This energy does not belong to anyone, nor is it exhausting the practitioners own life force energy as the practitioner is simply the conduit or the channel for that energy.
To send Reiki to a person via distance the practitioner uses a specific certain symbol and distance does not make Reiki any more or less effective.

You and I would be conducting our distance Reiki session via video call and it would take about 45min.








How will I feel after receiving a treatment?


How much an energy healing will for you noticeably effect you, depends greatly on your level of intuition and how much you are in tune with yourself as it works on such subtle level.

Common direct affects after a session are the sense of calmness, harmony, balance, peace clarity.

During a treatment you might feel different sensations, such as temperature (hot or cold spots on your body), magnetic, pulling or pushing sensations, lightness, heaviness, light-headedness, or body jerks, which are all signs of shift and release.  While some people might be more sensitive to feeling sensations, others maybe more visual and perhaps see colours or even smell or taste. You may or may not feel much but deep relaxation after a treatments or even exhaustion or tiredness but you will notice a shifts in your life over the course of the next days or perhaps weeks or months as your subtle energies have been balanced and harmonised, which allows all vital energy to flow and blockages to dissolve.


Releasing Trauma and old Habits through Metaphysical Treatment

Through hermetic principles quite deep work can be done within the subconscious of an individual working on re-patterning and clearing old belief systems, habits, traumas and emotions that prevent the upward flow of energy and therefore the optimal forward movement in life.

Much of our trauma and beliefs are ingrained in us on a cellular level throughout many levels and can be accessed and lifted through metaphysical and hermetic techniques.

This also means to get right to the root cause of whatever needs to be lifted that prevents your forward movement, remember that it is still you who is in charge and makes the decisions on what change is going to happen within you. The healer can create and hold the space and facilitate the healing, though it is your commitment to doing the work that is required to integrate your healing.


For any inquires or questions about healing sessions, please click the button below. I'd love to hear from you and discuss your individual needs!


Reiki Attunements & Trainings

(Level 1,2, Master)

Lena also conducts small group and private Reiki attunement trainings within the Usui Lineage for you to become a certified Usui Reiki practitioner up to Master Practitioner.

These trainings are each conducted over 2-3 days with 4 ppl. max. and can be done both, face-to-face and online or via distance.

Please get in touch for any inquires and arrangements.