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Looking to infuse some more magic and feel-good vibes into your special time spent Down-South with some special self-care add-on's having you feel all relaxed, rejuvenated and refilling your cup?

Southwest Nourishment for all your senses.

How does it get any better than this?

While enjoying the magical Southwest beaches, incredible landscapes, exquisite wineries and culinary experiences in a stunning residences, how would it be to make this time spent in one of the most beautiful pockets int he world even more magnificent and a complete body-mind-soul nourishment experience?

As a husband and wife team, the singer/songwriter Mac Diarmada and holistic health, Ayurveda & Yoga fanatic Lena K are dedicated to providing you with holistic offerings for entertainment and wholesome well-being to top off your

time down here and create special memories of quality time spent.

A girls (or guys') weekend away, looking for having your own private retreat with close ones or for the extra touch (and depth) at your function or event? This is it.


As husband and wife team Lena and Andy, Singer/ Songwriter Mac Diarmada, offer holistic wellness retreat, hens & bucks and event bundles for an even more special time down-south 

full of soul-replenishment as The Flow State Collective.

We'll come and cater directly at your private holiday or function venue with all equipment included. Now, how good is life?!

Our Offerings Include:

Yoga, Meditation & Movement Classes

The State of Flow Project Sessions

Holistic Bodywork & Massage Therapies

Group Meditations & Sound Relaxation

Wellness & Ayurveda Workshops

Live Music 

Click the underlined offerings to learn more about them. Get in touch for special requests here. :)


As a holistic health & living enthusiast I am extremly passionate about (re-)connecting people more to themselves, showing them that we can live our best lives by in (-to our bodies), instead of out. It's about recognising that we are our own healers,  and true empowerment comes from within.

It is my soul purpose of this life-time to reconnect and combine western new-age science with the ancient eastern  and traditional wisdom for us to thrive. 



Everything Holistic Living and Conscious Connection.

Next to focusing on 1:1 holistic health and transformational coaching based on Ayurveda, integrative nutrition and being in tune with your circadian rhythms to thrive and live up to our fullest potentials, I passionately facilitate an array of different wellness workshops, such as


Living in Season with Ayurveda & the Circadian Rhythms.

A workshop based on the current season teaching people how to tune in

to live in natural sync for optimal balance and wellbeing.


Empower & Thrive (SELFCARE & STRESS Management)

holistic Stress Release & Selfcare 101

How to find more balance and reduce your stress levels by changing your habits and

fit individualised "feel-good" practices into your daily life.


Low Tox Lifestyle

natural, conscious and sustainable living to elevate your frequency
Reducing your eco footprint to amplify your personal wellbeing, that of the environment 

and our future generations living our best lives. 


Sacred Synchronicity (WOMENS HEALTH)

Women are the power of the world.

Delving into honoring your sacred feminine, understanding her energy,

nourishing your natural rhythms and selfcare for for optimal holistic

health and wellbeing.


That Sugar Blues

(Nutrition &  Quitting Sugar)

A workshop on nutrition education and how getting off the sugar wagon

can be fun and empowering! 


Eat & Thrive: Eating for Energy

Love the food that loves you back. How to eat and feel your best.

Having quite a broad skill set within the Health & Wellness field,

I am always up for special requests on what themes and topics

to delve in to and hold space on.

With Yoga and Ayurveda as my background, I am drawing from ancient spiritual and eastern concepts putting them into modern context to help people live up their fullest potential in all areas of life, authentically thrive and feel empowered from the insight out.Next to the workshops above, I also facilitate full/new moon yoga & ritual events on a regular basis in the southwest, holding a safe space for people to delve inside the depth of their own state of mind and emotion through movement and embodiment, shadow work meditations, ritual and sound.


Yoga Classes

Whether to simply move your body,

create a space to go within

Stretch & open to circulate some energy,

release stagnation 

Start or finish your day on the right frequency,

Find silence and relaxation

Just BE with your body, your self. 

I got you.

I am a certified Yoga teacher and therapist trained in various styles and approaches to help you find what you are looking for. 
Learn more about my approach to yoga here...

The State Of Flow Project


An embodiment practice to (re-)connect to your highest self. Finding your State of Flow.

Music. Movement. Mindfulness.

Anchoring within.

Expanding out.


Everything we do comes down to MORE profound connection.

With ourselves, the world, others.

As a husband and wife team my partner and I have created The State of Flow Project, which is a profound embodiment experience through music, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, free movement, breath work, vibration and sound for people to reconnect to themselves and others and return to heart-centred living, meeting the world from a place of inner anchoring and confidence from within, re-discovering their flow state.
The State of Flow Project kicked off this year at Flourish Yoga Festivals as well as a few events in the Southwest, including a kids mindfulness camp.

While offering this concept as private 1.5 hr long embodiment workshops at retreats, venues, functions and private events, our vision is to create a holistic program targeted at schools and the younger generations to create a positive ripple effect of conscious heart-centered living and connection for the future as well as providing a sacred, safe space for adults at various festivals and events around the country.

Learn more about The State of Flow Project here.



Live Music for privates, venues, events, functions & weddings

Mac Diarmada is a solo singer songwriter stemming from the Hunter Valley on the East Coast of Australia. When trying to describe his sounds authentically one may think of soulfoul acoustic indie-folk, written from the heart.
His music is inspired by the love for his extensive family, conscious connection to self and others, the power and relevance of nature and joy of simple things in life.
He also draws inspiration fellow musicians such as Eddie Vedder, Mat McHugh, Johnny Cash, Paul Dempsey, Paul Kelly and many many more to mention. After a handful of private guitar lessons at the ripe age of 16, his love for music quickly grew into songwriting and learning to express through poetry mixed with rhythm and melody and unique vocal tones.

Mac is available for bookings for events, festivals, venues, weddings and functions. He also passionately conducts guitar tutoring and is an advocate for conscious living, holistic wellbeing and men's mental health.




Find out more about Mac Diarmada on Facebook and Instagram.