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"Being in the state of flow means to be living in your alignment, to tap into your potential and to find happiness by being in tune with who YOU really are. 

We are living in a fast pace 21st century society with busy schedules from early age, high intensity careers and life style, immense strive for success and ever increasing mental and emotional health issues, arising especially in kids and young people. 

The State of Flow Project is a educational conglomeration of mindfulness, movement, breathwork, creativity, music and sound to be experienced with all our five senses allowing us to drop back into the state of being and presence to deeply connect to our true selves and who we really are.

Andy and I would SO very much appreciate your support and you spreading the word by liking and sharing and engaging with our project via the Instagram and Facebook pages @thestateofflow_project. The project will be targeted towards schools, disability centres, the elderly and adults of all ages in different environments, aiming to encourage empowerment, authenticity, compassion, community and thrive in all and the future generations. 🧡🧡🧡"

With much love and light,
Lena & Andy

"SFP (the State of Flow Project) is an educational creative concept, designed especially for kids but also adults of all ages and circumstances, which aims to reinstall balance, positive self-image, confidence and happiness by working with the 5 senses to bring people back to the present and reconnect to themselves, utilising music, creativity, movement, play and different RRT (relaxation response techniques). Finding our State of Flow by connecting to the here and now. Out of minds and into hearts."

2019 is our start-up year and we are planning on sharing our first offerings from August '19 around Australia, taking the project onto the road with us.

Our premiere session took place at the Flourish Yoga Festival in Perth in April this year and has been followed by privates and now events in the local southwest area, also with our first State of Flow KIDS Camp over the last holidays. 


 Kids & Youth Development 


We are currently in the planning stage of bringing the State of Flow Project into school settings and communities in form of a progressive workshop day or series, equipping children and young adults with holistic tools for stress release, mental-emotional balance and improved self image using mindfulness, relaxation response techniques, self expression and creativity. 



For any enquiries, questions, support, collaborations and to just connect and network

please get in touch with us via email

Also stay tuned to our Facebook page and Instagram @thestateofflow_project.

All the love and good vibes,

Lena and Andy

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