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Body-Mind-Spirit-Nourishment & Connection.

Private 1:1 & Group Yoga/Yoga Therapy Sessions

tailored to your unique needs. 

private yoga sessions can be tailored around:

  • restorative yoga, relaxation, stress release

  • pranayama (breathwork), meditation

  • yoga for rehabilitation/therapy

  • yoga therapy / for mental, emotional, physical wellbeing

  • body alignment and posture focus

  • strength, flexibility, mobility, functionality

  • depression/anxiety, promoting mental calmness

Lena has been on the 'yogic path' for almost a decade and has undergone extensive and multifaceted training in different aspects of yoga as well as a variety of natural and holistic healing modalities since 2015.

Her passion originated on the path of western medicine and an affinity for human anatomy and integrative health, which has led her into the Eastern realms of natural medicine and illness prevention through holistic approaches and methods which honor the mind-body connection and our natural circadian rhythms. 

Lena's style is a blend of intuitive guidance and ancient Eastern wisdom combined with a firm grounding in and understanding of Western science.



You can book group & private yoga sessions & session bundles (best value) via the button below or enquire with Lena about what options may be most suitable for you and your unique needs. 







Yoga goes beyond the mat. Whether we are aware of it or not, yoga has therapeutic effects on our body mind and soul. As mentioned, yoga does not only mean the practice of physical asanas (postures) but is a whole lifestyle to be lived off the mat with various aspects. However, the practice of asanas, pranayama, mindfulness and meditation are wonderful tools aka the bridge for us to become more connected to ourselves and our bodies and help us to achieve, maintain or obtain our balance or health.


Yoga can help assist us with conditions and imbalances on physical, emotional and mental level. Whether that means for you to work on injury recovery, chronic pain or physical conditions, mental or emotional dis-ease like depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. or to simply ground yourself and tune in deeper with your body and recognizing its needs.

Working with you one-on-one will give us the chance to really specialize and focus on your personal needs and use utilize different asanas (posture), pranayama (breath work), mindfulness and meditation to design a practice from which you will benefit holistically and that gives you some fundamentals and guidelines for your path to optimum health and happiness.

One on one private yoga sessions are the perfect option for anyone who is looking for devoting some special attention to their own yoga practice for several reasons, whether we are working on re-gaining balance on different levels or would like to advance our practice, improve posture, increase flexibility, mobility or strength as well as more therapeutic benefits like turning on the bodies relaxation response, calming your mind and therefore calming stress, anxiety and bodily tension.


But Yoga is not only done on the mat. What actually struck me the most and let me to incredible transformation when I first found Yoga was not so much the Asana practice but rather the ancient and profound life philosophy that is Yoga, which then also led me to its sister science of Ayurveda (“The Science of Life”) about which you can learn more here.  Allow your yoga practise to deepen and transform your life on multiple layers.


Work with me from anywhere. Whether in Person, if we are in the same physical location, or online.

MY Yoga Story: How I Found Yoga& Where I Am TODAY


"I met Lena 3 years ago when I embarked on my journey with Yoga and Spiritual awareness. Over this time I have been blessed with the opportunity ti grow with Lena and witness her blossom into an amazing young woman, who gleams with a natural astuteness to benefit others with her knowledge and passion for all things holistic.

My weekly attendance at Lena's Yoga class is essential to my well-being. I deeply appreciate the manner in which Lena designs her classes. For me each class is a form of Yoga poetry and at the end of the class I feel spiritually polished as though I have experienced a deep form of meditation.Lena begins her class by drawing attention inward, to a pure space from which you can set intention. From here she weaves Yogic wisdom and encourages mindfulness as she slowly awakens the body through the practice of Yoga postures. She trusts the ancient wisdom of Yoga and can lead others with grace into a powerful entwine of integration allowing mind, body and spirit to come into true alignment." - Danielle F.


A Yogic Path- Journey of Self


find out more here.

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Asanas (physical postures)

Pranayama (breathing excercise)

Stress Release & Balancing Techniques

Meditation & Mindfulness 

Yogic Principles  and Philosophies

adjustments (physical when in person)

Sound Relaxation

How Yoga will benefit you

​Increase vitality 

optimise vital energy in your body

Increase self-awareness and intuition

strengthen immunity

strengthen the physical body

cultivating the mind & concentration

cultivating presence and mindfulness

alleviate mental, emotional, physical imbalances

obtaining a better state of holistic health

increase quality of sleep

cultivate self acceptance 

benefit spiritual development 

down-south holistic hen & retreat packages


Holistic wellness just for you.

As husband and wife team Lena and Andy, Singer/ Songwriter Mac Diarmada, offer holistic wellness retreat, hens & bucks and event bundles for an even more special time down-south

full of soul-replenishment as The Flow State Collective.

We'll come and cater directly at your private holiday or function venue with all equipment included. Now, how good is life?!

Our Offerings Include:

Yoga, Meditation & Movement Classes

The State of Flow Project Sessions

Holistic Bodywork & Massage Therapies

Group Meditations & Sound Relaxation

Wellness & Ayurveda Workshops

Live Music 


Learn more about our offerings in the southwest here.

For bookings and inquiries email us via the button below. We'd love to bring extra magic to your time down-south!

Lena & Mac

For independent Music bookings for events, venues, functions and weddings please contact Mac Diarmada via his Facebook page here


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"I first met Lena 3 years ago when she took me for a yoga class in nature.It didn’t take me long to realise I had chanced upon a special soul ,wise beyond her years.Experiencing one of her glorious hot stone massages further cemented this belief…I left feeling reenergised and re-balanced.I soon had all 4 of my adult children ,my husband and my friends converted to the wonders of Lena!

I have got to know Lena,and more recently her beautiful partner Andy,over time and it has been a privilege to witness the growth in her personal and spiritual journey.She is intelligent, enquiring,intuitive,nurturing and one of the most inspiring woman I have encountered.Her passion for all she does shines through and I feel so blessed to know her!" - Natalie A.

Private & group yoga classes 

"Lena is a qualified Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner & yoga therapist, Holistic Health Coach and body/energy worker. Her yoga asana reflect the integrative approach of the different natural health she has been trained in.

Her classes are intuitive yet structured and focus on allowing people to come back home to themselves and cultivate presence, awareness and embodiment through mindful movement and breath.
While emphasising correct body alignment and structure to strengthen and condition the body Lena softens this approach by blending in embodiment and free movement elements, inspired by Tai Chi and Chi Gong as well as functional movement.

While Lena has trained in traditional Hatha, ashtanga, Iyengar and yin yoga over the years in India, Thailand and Australia she has developed her own unique style of yoga focussed on holistic stress release, optimizing body functionality (strength, mobility, flexibility), mental & emotional wellbeing and flow state creation (state of optimal performance & wellbeing).

Next to yoga classes (groups and privates), Lena leads clients in one-on-one holistic health & life coaching programs on a path of thriving as their highest selves and resolving “all these symptoms & discomforts we call ‘normal’, but which are really just ‘common’, that are blocking the way between us and accessing our greatest potential.”

READ MY Yoga Story: How I Found Yoga& Where I Am TODAY



"Love the yoga with new wave holistic. Lena is so welcoming and kind and gentle on beginners and experienced on all levels, highly recommend to my friends." - Rachel D

"Attending a casual yoga class, Lena was able to modify poses and work through a series of exercises that really helped with a sever, ongoing injury.
Furthered with maintenance and dietary advice I've never met such a genuine and passionate practitioner. Very well rounded and with phenomenal knowledge."
- Alexandra S

"I absolutely love Lena's Yoga classes! As a beginner I really appreciate the extra attention she gives to make sure I am doing each move correctly and having fun at the same time. Lena's massages are also amazing and I highly recommend them. Thank you Lena!" - Alia Z.

Visiting or living in the southwest and you are looking for a yoga class that is specific to YOUR needs? We can absolutely make that happen. Get a bunch of friends together (or just treat yourself) and we can absolutely find a time and place for a regular and progressive integrative yoga classes that meeting your needs and is amplifying your wellbeing!


Get in touch via email for any question, bookings and inquiries!