Yogic Path-  Journey To Self

8 Week Immersion. Next intake:
ONLINE Aug/Sept 2021

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"Hey Lena, omg I cannot thank you enough. It was an amazing journey and

I loved every second of it and cannot wait to continue with part 2.0."


- Amber P.

"I was privileged to be part of this beautiful connection that was the Yogic Path - Journey to Self Immersion 1.0. Would highly recommend to others wishing to dig a little deeper into themselves. Thank you Lena. You are quite the woman, so grounded, delivering knowledge with your prowess so carefully, and inspiring whom you teach."


- Eloise Vallee






This immersion consists of 8x weekly classes

online via zoom. Recordings & all course materials will be sent straight to your inbox

next intake:

ONLINE Aug/Sept 2021

A B O U T   T H E   J O U R N E Y

The Yogic Path is designed to give you a deeper understanding of what yoga has to offer and the deep level in which it can impact and change one's life positively, holistically and sustainably - and will, if you do not only commit to sign up, but fully lean in to the journey.

Each week, leading up to our weekly live session you'll have some practical "tasks" to do: these usually look like reading up a little section (one-two pages max) from the Yogic Path eBooklet and experiment with implementing the new concepts into how you do your day to day life. In our weekly session we will come together to deepen our understanding of the topic in circle, through discussion and using elements of Yoga for further integration and embodiment:


Each session will be tailored uniquely to the group and based on putting important aspects of yoga philosophy into practice, not only on the mat through asana (posture), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation, but also off the mat, in daily life.

Investment: $440.

Payment plans are available on request and will be set up manually. To arrange these and for any other questions please email: lena.earthmedicine@gmail.com

You will receive all the essential information in direct communication with Lena. 

I am looking forward to embarking on this journey to Self with you, 


Lena x



Do I need to have yoga experience?

No. While some sort of experience in yoga is preferred for general understanding, it is not required. In terms of movement - this is not a class to bend ourselves into a pretzel but a mindful, gentle and integrative approach for us to connect more deeply to ourselves. EveryBODY is welcome. 

"But I am not flexible". 

Please keep in mind that nobody is a master in what they are just giving a go for the first/a few time(s). The purpose of yoga is to find unity, peace, ease, and balance in our bodies, minds, and emotional realms and it is not a competition, nor a solely physically oriented form of exercise. It is a means of finding more wellbeing.

Can I attend just a few sessions here and there?

No, because the immersion is designed to be cohesive and one class is building one another. For your own best interest and to get the most benefit out of this journey it is essential for you to commit to all 8 classes*.

(*That being said we are all human and sometimes life happens. Potential exceptions can be made for participating in at least half of the immersion (4 classes). Please enquire via email and we will try to arrangements).

Are payment plans available?

Should you feel unable to pay the immersion investment in full this time around, please contact me via email and we can find a payment plan arrangement. I endeavor to be of service to all who feel the call and am more than happy to help out should finances be the objection holding you back from your own growth and wellbeing.

For any questions and inquiries not answered here, please contact me via email on lena.earthmedicine@gmail.com to discuss. 


what previous participants say

"I just completed the 8-week Yogic Path Immersion course with Lena Kaliyah Kermode.
This was a transformative experience for myself and all involved. We often complicate our lives by allowing our experiences and thoughts to create an alternate reality, one that we have trouble reconciling to what we know our higher purpose and higher self will thrive in. This course took us back to ROOTS and TRUTH - equipping us to make choices for ourselves that bring alignment, clarity and joyful existence. The weekly sessions allowed for meditative practice and nurturing/non-judgemental space to share our struggles; allowing our minds to significantly connect to our physical presence, and let go of the deeply ingrained self-beliefs and patterns that sabotage our daily lives and most likely, our future.
I cannot recommend this course enough for anyone who is ready to experience a deep and indelible change in the way they live their lives and interpret their relationship to the earth, others and most importantly, themselves. Thank you, Lena and all of the amazing women who impacted my heart with their honesty, compassion and wisdom. I am eternally grateful 🙏💞"


- Amanda Taylor

"Dear Lena, I feel so grateful to have taken the initiative and joined you and the other beautiful women on our Yoga Immersion journey. For me it was time each week in which I dedicated to myself. You created a space that was safe, inviting, informative and most of all filled with a warm loving energy 💜. I thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge in a way that was relatable. I look forward to being apart of your next Yogic Path Immersion program and the Ayurvedic Autumn cleanse. Namaste Celine 🙏🏻😘"


- Celine Coyne